Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Underground Tube Transforms Into A Catwalk

Make-Up students from The London College Of Fashion, worked on the world's first fashion show on a moving undergound train.
This event was in conjuction with London High Street Fashion Week, where models strutted their stuff down Oxford Street and then continued down to Tottenham Court Road. Then instead of just swiping their Oyster Cards/Train Tickets and sitting down quietly on the train, the models travelled in true diva style by turning the underground train cabin into their own catwalk and having the world's first fashion show on a moving underground train.
The show started at 10am on the 7th September, and was part of a series of suprise 'pop up' fashion shows to promote the new autumn clothing ranges by Selfridges, House of Fraser, Debenhams, Next, River Island, Marks & Spencer and Uniqlo and John Lewis.


  1. Love this, here i have a question which im considering posting about but no im going to get negative feed back so havent yet.

    at london fashion week they had half a dozen or so size 12 and 14 models, and personally i dont see why they would. i know that the average uk woman, and i am by no mean a model size 4/6 (i wish i was) but clothes simply look better in small size. the designer is there to advertise their designs and clothes to buyers and in my opinion no one every picks up a size 14 dress and says thats nice they pick up the size 8 one, decide its nice and then pick their own size.

    what you think. this is extremely long comment.

  2. Lol yup long indeed.
    First and foremost i must admit, i am new to womens dress sizes and the conversions. Still getting to grips with it in retail.
    But hmmm.... you do make a valid point, its like high-heels being displayed on shop floor, the visual team don't display the size 9's because they look best in size 5 - 6, so they appeal more to the customers.
    On the other hand, there has been the ol' anorexia and weight-loss-pressure issues and the bad publication designers get from the press because of this, so i personally think thaats the main reason. Or the brand could really aim for that target UK size market.....

  3. What brands were you specifically discussing ?
    I would like more insight into this subject

  4. Mark Fast

    read here...

  5. Ahhh i wont lie it does change abit of my perspective....
    Mark Fast said "My work is all about the yarn responding to the body." and that is the words of a true designer......

    Because it is true that there should be curvier models on the catwalk, but also tradition should be maintained and use very slim models.

    And from what i've seen on size 14 isn't too big and gives us space for innovation within the fashion industry.