Saturday, 19 September 2009

London Fashion Week Day One

London Fashion Week starts today and what a day it has been, So i went college blah blah blah..... then i went oxford street (west end). First, i thought let me go topshop/topman to see the highlights, and then i found out the 2nd menswear floor was open. And as soon as i got upstairs i fell in love with a trenchcoat with faux fur on the collar. But it was £120, Ouch.... I had the money but didnt wanna spend it. Took me a little while to comtemplate it and yupp i bought it. Here are some pics.............

Peep the wrist belt under

So after i purchased it, During london fashion week topman were giving out tickets once you enter the store, and if you have a lucky ticket you can claim discounts etc. and i won £10 off my next purchase and a free t-shirt whoooo ! My day was going gr8 so then i decided to purchase some Levi jeans and some skinny jeans.
I also found there is an event called London Fashion Weekend associated with LFW, where i can pre-book a seat in one of the catwalks, major discounts on A/W collections and a chance to hear a world known journalist talk at a conference. Check it out if your in London during the week, these are the times i wish i was famous so i can get invited to the private catwalks during the week.

Ahhh well in a few years i will so no need to worry.

Till the next post,
Ill be in my world tryna conquer the universe.