Friday, 31 December 2010

Viva La Revolución

Thursday, 30 December 2010

A few changes will occur in the way I blog.... 

Love to those who still frequently read what I post on a regular basis...

Great short visual of one of the best songs of 2010

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I like this kid, easy to listen to but he sounds abit too much like Kanye

The Black Ivy

The Black Ivy from Street Etiquette on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

'My only fear is not of a generation who have too much anger but of a generation with no solutions other than anger'

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Full Merry Xmas Post Coming Hopefully Tomorrow....

Chipmunk and Chris Brown performed very G.O.O.D in another Colin Tilley visual..... I hope this charts and hits 106andPark in the states also.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Breezy Art

Breezy Art from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

Chris named some of the artists I also adore especially Banksy and gave me some names to do some research on aswell. I enjoy watching these web series he's been dropping via Vimeo.....

Music Video: The Lonely Island - I Just Had Sex Feat. Akon

I'm not sure if this will ever be better than 'Im On A Boat' but it's still mad funny haha.....

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas In Harlem

Kanye West, CyHi Da Prynce, Teyana Taylor, Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Pusha T and Big Sean.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Behind The Scenes Of Chipmunk and Chris Brown's Video

Chip tweeted the full visual will be out within the next two weeks...... #HISTORY

Pharrell is definitely sleeping like a baby

Pharrell Williams gives us a look at his beautiful Miami apartment including the artwork most notably by Kaws X Family Guy.... Check out the architecture, this guy is LIVING G.O.O.D !

It's Only Right...

Rolling Stones always give credit where it's due.... So it's only right they named this album no.1 album of the whole decade.... that's 10 years just in case you didn't realise haha.

Music That's Been Making It's Rounds

Diddy Dirty Money - Ass On The Floor

Colin Tilley definitely drew inspiration from the Chanel A/W fashion show with items fromt he collection and a similar icy theme being applied here. Yo you see this joint yeah, fuckin mental mate lol.... Diddy may be an ass at times but he knows how to drop a hot club joint.

Fabolous - You Be Killin' Em

I can't lie, I'm not a fan of this video.... The joint is dope but the video just seems abit 'bleh'. Everyone on Twitter has been enjoying it especially cos Amber Rose heavily features in the visual as the leading lady lol.

Jamie Foxx - Fall For Your Type Feat. Drake

I actually like the concept for this video, what I love most about this song is that you can hear Drake's sound evolving even though it's Jamie's joint, Drake's songwriting skills are improving and that whole 'spacey' sound is still there. This is a great leading single for Jamie Foxx's forthcoming album, Best Night of My Life.

So building onto my review on Chipmunk's international joint with US Superstar Chris Brown, here is the final joint but it's not mastered as only the radio rip has surfaced.... the difference is Breezy's verse which adds that mesh that I was initially looking for in the joint. I won't lie and say I'm not looking forward to the video, this'll probably one of the most anticipated visuals from a UK rapper.... We'll see if they deliver

Chipmunk - Champion (Feat. Chris Brown)

Dr. Dre - Kush Feat. Akon and Snoop Dogg

You see Dre yeah, he has always kept it straight G. Now, we all know how long we've been waiting for this Detox project, but it looks like it will be due to be released anytime soon and Kush is a sweet single to lead this album, especially with the rise of the blazin' personas within hip hop notably I gotta mention young Wiz Khalifa. I think he should be on the remix... don't you think ?

Tinie Tempah - Invincible Feat. Kelly Rowland

Y'all already know I fucks with Tinie, he's one of the best UK acts around right now and currently making that smooth crossover into the US market also as I've seen his stuff on WorldStarHipHop and the late OnSmash (R.I.P) lol. Peep his latest visual for the track Invincible from his no.1 album Disc-Overy.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Monday, 6 December 2010

Blackberry Live and Lost with Professor Green

I've grown to be a big fan on Professor Green's music so naturally I followed him on Twitter. I noticed all last week he was tweeting for help in numerous locations and whilst surfing YouTube today, I realised the reason for all the mad tweets lol.... Watch the video below to understand what I'm rantin' on about !

Now watch the five day video diary of his hilarious but insightful mission from Glasgow to London.

Music Video: Cee Lo Green - It's OK

I personally think this album was one of the best released this year and deserves a Grammy nod by hey..... the Grammy's nominations haven't been the most agreeable thing of the last few years.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Beautiful People - Kerry Washington

Music Video: Yasmin - On My Own

Check out some more UK Talent this young songstress goes by her birth name 'Yasmin' and has been featured on smash hits like Devlin's 'Runaway' joint. Now gearing up for her own solo album, peep her first single 'On My Own'. I gotta say, I love the whole upbeat vibe of the track and the video reinforces the notion that 'simple is beautiful'.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snoop Dogg buddies with Prince William haha

So word on the street is, Prince William is a huge fan of hip hop especially Snoop Dogg and plans to invite the Californian Rapper to his wedding with Kate Middleton next year with a special performance at the engagement party. Once Snoop heard he decided to hit the studio and drop a track titled 'Wet' and described the song as 'the perfect anthem for Prince William or any playa to get the club smokin'. LOL Who would've thought hip hop being apart of such a historic regal event... Peep the song below.

Viva La Resistance

Check out pictures from the latest protest in London against the outlandish rise in tuition fees that I was apart of..... This one was sicckkkk. I'm happy to say that as a generation against bullshit, we braved the harsh winter snow and marched on through various monumental areas of London like the London Eye, New Scotland Yard, Buckingham Palace, Waterloo Bridge, Covent Garden Market and we rallied on and regrouped at Trafalgar Square.

For the most part it was very peaceful but yet again the media chose to highlight the 30 seconds of violence and only that.... KMT.

Need I Say More ?

Just Being Frank

If you follow me on Twitter you'd have noticed my support for the highly Twitter anticipated online release of London rapper Franklyn's debut mixtape titled 'Just Being Frank'. The buzz for this release has been crazy since the taster from his first single 'These MC's', with executive producer credits going to Award Winning Producer Victizzle, all we needed was a official #TT for #JustBeingFrank.  As promised here is the official download link for the mixtape.


1. This Is The Intro (Prod. By Victizzle)
2. These MC’s Feat Brewer (Prod. By The Confectionery)
3. These MC’s 2 Feat Utter Once (Prod. By Victizzle)
4. Suicide Note (Prod. By Victizzle)
5. Anomaly Feat Barney (Prod. By The Confectionery)
6. Internal Bleeding Feat Lola Godheld (Prod. By Alfa Mist)
7. William Wordsworth (Prod. By Alfa Mist)
8. Ghost Writer Feat Cadet & Guvna B (Prod. By Victizzle)
9. Hear My Cry (Prod. By Victizzle)
10. This Is The Outro (Prod. By Victizzle)

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ralph Lauren X Ronnie Fleg

These boots are sickkk, I love the burnt red that is reminiscent of bleeding wood, New York designer Ronnie Fleg gave these classic boots a nice upgrade for the upcoming harsh winter.

Thoughts From My World: New Job

If you follow me on Twitter you'd notice my apology tweets for not blogging during the week, I can't lie it's been a hectic week as I got a new JOB ! If you remember I told y'all I was working at the high end department store Selfridges but now I'm working at an exclusive footwear store called Schuh, dunno if they have it in the states but down here it's kinda like a big deal. I'm still working at my previous place in the mean time aswell cos I'm tryna get that money in so I can fund these projects I wanna launch for the future....

How's everybody been though ?

Another One

The Bugatti Boyz have dropped the video for their first single....... Money Talks lol.

In My Zone 2

Everyone knows I'm a massive fan of Chris Brown this guy is one of music's biggest stars and is still young, all his previous materials are smash hits including his past year dropping 2 mixtapes 'In My Zone 1' and 'Fan of a Fan'. Well here is his latest effort respectively titled 'In My Zone 2' the mixtape features artists such as Gucci Mane, Big Sean, J Valentine, Seven and the mind behind the hit 'Deuces'  Kevin McCall. Check it out or listen to the full mixtape below...

Download Mixtape Free | Mixtape Player