Thursday, 24 September 2009

Is There Room For Change..... LITERALLY

Whats up mi fellow bloggers and readers ?

An interesting topic was raised to me in a commment from a previous post, i dont know if anyone has heard but Mark Fast. The owner and designer of Mark Fast the brand, shocked the fashion world this week when he used three size 14 models in his Spring/Summer 2010 Collection runway show during the highly acclaimed London Fashion Week.

This gives us room for debate. Is there room for change ?
There are people who may agree curvier models are needed in fashion runway shows and there are people who may disagree to this. But lets give this some thought, models are normally ...what a size 4 give or take and the majority of models are thin and this leaves no room for consumers to fully see how the item would fit a curvy woman or voluptuous this also puts pressure on these types of women to fall into pressure to lose weight when arguebly most curvy women are fine the way they are. On the other hand you may argue back that clothes generally look more appealing in a small size.... and buyers have a tendency to buy more of a collection if seen in a small size rather than a big size, which is the same for shoes. And furthermore women who fall into pressures like this are'nt cut out for the industry.


I can only give my opinion and wait for y'all to give me yours so here it is,
Mark Fast said
"My work is all about the yarn responding to the body."
and that is the words of a true designer......
Because it is true that there should be curvier models on the catwalk, but also tradition should be maintained and use very slim models.
And from what i've seen on size 14 isn't too big and gives us space for innovation within the fashion industry.

Got an opinion different to mine ? or you just want to reinforce something in a different way. Go ahead and Gimme some feedback


FYI - In no way am i saying there is anything wrong with size 4 model when i use words like thin or size 14, this is just food for thought up for debate.


  1. I love this. Personally , I think there should be more REAL women on the runways. Our society thinks that it's okay to discriminate (I'm not sure if that's the right word to use lol)against models that aren't a size 4, which is a verrrry small percentage of adult females anyway. Designers may think that by displaying their collection on smaller women, it makes their clothes look better; but if their clothes were THAT GOOD, they'll look nice on anyone . & I'm not even saying this because I'm a size 14 or anything...5'9 & 120 a.k.a skinny as a stick ! I'm a size 8 & a modeling recruiter said that I'm overweight :(... NONSENSE ! lol great post

  2. ive said what i have to say, but size 14, pushing the boat out to much! i can see a roll in the pictire on the left.

    models are suppose to be skinny. next well have models that are 4ft.

  3. i find clothes look, in general, better on skinny people, but they don't really represent the majority. but then again, if u present something, you want to make it look as good as possible.

    i think once in a while, it's kind of 'refreshing' to see more healthy looking models, but otherwise, i prefer them to be skinny (not too skinny of course :)).