Friday, 27 November 2009

Make Way For The New School !

If you played russian roulette with Rihanna and she lost, then gave Lady GAGA some of that bad romance she's been hungry for then you will end up with these fresh pieces of eyewear...........

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota but now living in the vibrant city of New York, comes two twins with a vision and the work ethic to entrench their name in the fashion industry for a very long time. Coco & Breezy helm the eponymous brand that first debuted as a whole clothing brand but after the mass attention from the media regarding their Gemela Amor eyewear range, they have surfed the wave and focused on delivering these high end and eccletic pieces of what i like to call 'ArT'. Handmade by the twins but worn by divas such as Ashanti, Angie (of music group Retro Kids) and the kickass Kelly Osbourne. These dope shades have created a buzz that have the twins doing interviews and giving them the exposure needed to kick down the door and let every other designer know they are here
Peep some dope google finds:

Coco & Breezy

Angie (of music group Retro Kids)
designer and stylist Ugo Mozie


Your probably wondering wears Ms.GAGA or Rihanna's pair ? Well, you know their stylist then tell em' to sport these ASAP before they regret it lol.....

You can get direct info from the girls' Personal blog : Coco&Breezy Blogspot
Twitter:                                                                    @CocoandBreezy


Sunday, 22 November 2009

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009

My Page Simply Cant Handle The Temperature If I Put Every Hot Model From The Show Up......

So Heres My Top 5 Beautiful Ladies From The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show ! (In No Particular Order)
Chanel Iman

  Marissa Miller

Miranda Kerr

Candice Swanepoel

Lydnsey Scott

Friday, 20 November 2009

Love this....

Wale and J.Cole freestyling while waiting for food at Dennys

Shakria - Give It Up To Me Ft. Lil Wayne - MUSIC VIDEO

Some parts of the video are abit tacky..... like that Shakira is using more choreography in her videos with  backup dancers, and good song.... Weezy is everywhere lol

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Victoria Secret Fittings + Fashion Show Air Date

 Stolen from MalibuMara

If you haven't watched the video yet.... the fashion show will be aired December 1st on CBS !
We recently got CBS in the UK, so im hoping we'll get this aired aswell....... Ahhh Only time will tell


Are Teen Vogue robbing my blindly or what ? I subscribed to the magazine about 8 weeks ago and money was deducted from my account but still no magazine, i know it may take a while to ship to the UK and all but really..... am i being robbed blindly ?

Had to get that off my chest !

Thoughts From My World *Teen Vogue & Art University Edition

How are y'all doing ?
I try my hardest to do these personal blogs periodically to keep this blog a bit seperate from the other bloggers who just post videos and collections.
But REALLY How are y'all doing ?
A minority of my followers really interact on blogspot or twitter.... and this number needs to increase lol, we all out here to be the FUTURE so lets get this sh*t cracking in unified lool (iSound like im about Kumbayah init)
Well, blame that on my happy mood..... I've really got alot done recently from the attainment of my internship to my job at Abercrombie & Fitch and i got more stuffs to tells ya !
Today, I went with a couple of friends to an exhibition for Art Universities to showcase some of their students work and be on hand for potential students to ask quick questions on their prospective course. It was actually quite insightful for me, cos I was able to speak to different lecturers at Universities about the fashion design & Fashion Journalism courses... Some sounded like they genuinely wanted to fill in the blanks on what i wanted to know, which i really enjoyed, it really narrowed down my choices... (Which i reveal soooonnnn lol)
Here are some pics:

SFX Course in West Thames College... Pretty Cool Huh

Two excited females.... Temi & Abbi 
Some fashion hopefuls....Maybe we'll be in the same class lol

Yinka pretending to do something productive so she dont have to look at the cam.... GOTCH'YA
Also check out the prospectuses i was able to grab from different universities:

Southampton Solent University's prospectus was a 3D booklet.... Creative 
Loved this.... it was sooo insightful yet displayed their students artist flair 

Did you think it was over from this post ? .......
Well im not done lol, Guess what came in the mail today................. MY TEEN VOGUE INSIDERS GUIDE TO FASHION CAREERS HANDBOOK, And what a good time.... My twitter folk may know my blackberry is out for repairs so i need something productive to do while im on the bus and bored in college, and this book will help me fill this void. I havent read even a quarter of the book yet but from the first few pages i read, i know im going to enjoy this read and keep it as a definate resource for me in the future.... PEEP THE PICS :

Till the next post,
Ill be in my world tryna conquer the universe.


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart - MUSIC VIDEO

Always liked this song.... but can someone explain to me why this is the second video she seems to have supernatural powers in ?????????? lol



Viktor & Rolf 2010 Spring/Summer “Monsieur” Collection Preview

Minus the underwear over the shirt this is nice, especially the trousers

Sr. Marcelo Horacio Maquieira words on this collection :

While winter is delivering its best, V&R’s Monsieur gets ready for the coming spring-summer festivities, counting on a sunny and hot season across the north hemisphere . . . and perhaps all over the globe. No matter the occasion, this gentleman is an expert in preparing smart and elegant looks for afternoons in the English dry countryside, his latest and favorite holidays destination. Expect him to show up impeccable, able to treat both the formal and the informal while adding some spooky tricks. Sometimes teasing his guests with a subtle controlled detail disorder (a shirt carrying a small version of a pocket, usually found in the inside of a tailored jacket…). -”Let’s tease together, but silently” he whispers.
The smoking-tuxedo blazer has been kindly asked to accept a pleated tailored pant to join brunch time, and they seem to do great together. And if you feel like having additional fun . . . think “Inside-out”. Brunch is served while traditional underwear details become visible in beautiful tailored pants as elastic waistbands: suddenly, summer has officially arrived . . .
Sr. Marcelo Horacio Maquieira

GQ - Man Of The Year Preview - December 2009

My Man.....
(American Gangster Denzel Washington Accent)

Lady GAGA - So Happy I Could I Die -

O WOW, I know when i truly love a song ! It's when i listen to it on repeat for like an hour..... This song is sooo cool, sounds like an international hit aswell..... Peep it its a definate iTunes Essential

Lady GAGA is arguebly the best artist this year in both music and visuals......

Friday, 13 November 2009

Rihanna - Russian Roulette - MUSIC VIDEO

Chris Brown - Crawl - MUSIC VIDEO

Peep the full interview and the music video for Chris Brown's 2nd Single Of 'Graffitti'. In stores December 8th

Julian Scarves By Kristen Wentrek

Theres a funny story behind the creation of these pieces.... Last winter, the designer Kristen and Sarah were at a club in downtown New York (They're still not sure why). The coat check was expensive and the dance floor was hot and sweaty, so Kristen stashed her jacket in a dark corner somewhere in the vicinity of the DJ booth, praying nothing would be stolen out of the pockets, while Sarah kept accidentally whacking people on the dance floor with her gigantic purse. Determined to avoid this in the future, Kristen designed a scarf that functioned as a small tote so that someone could shed his or her coat or bag but still keep valuable items safe and close.  Thus, the Julian Scarf was born.