Sunday, 30 August 2009

Thoughts From My World *Return Of Mom*

Whats good with y'all.... too silent recently.... holla atcha boy !
Not much to blog about today readers.......

Friday evening, me n my bro's went to go watch final destination 3-d. And what a disappointment *SPOILER*...... How can it end soooo SHIT, lol thats all i can say dont wanna reveal too much but dont pay more than 5pound to watch it or you'll go mad like me lol.

So, check it we leave the cinema and then my homie Clive wants McDonalds..... and guess what its CLOSED. And the woman who works there told him to line-up in the Drive-thru with no car LMAO. There was like 15 cars in front of him and he had to stand and line up with them lol.

O yeh, my 2 weeks of freedom is gone. My mum has come back home lol.... I wont lie i missed her so im happy to have her home. I missed alot from the advice and aid to the sweet comfort of just having her home when i get there. Even if we argue when i get home.
Its saturday and it feels like a sunday cos all i did was work today 9 friggin hour shift lol. But my store is full with high end fashion couture so im good like pharrell.
Tomorrow sunday, work then church. I know im gonna get caught on this but i've had my cousins iPod all week and been avoiding him.... Niggas got too much dope songs lol, But hes gonna get it back tomorrow.

Not much to say, or else ill just start rambling.

Till the next post,
Ill be in my world tryna conquer the universe.



The raw selvage denim is two-toned in a darker and lighter version with contrast stitching to mimic that of premium denim. Also notice the brown Nike emblem on the heel that mimics the hem stitch on a fresh pair of jeans. Other details include the white and red selvage piping (also seen in the picture on the jean cuffs) and a Levis-esque Nike tag in white and red.



whooooo hoooo

Friday, 28 August 2009


Here we have Rihanna's cover for the September Couture supplement of Vogue Italia. Shot by photographer Steven Klein, also it has been said that this shoot is the reason of both sides of her hair being shaved.

But bare in mind this is not the OFFICIAL cover but just a supplement cover.... Cant wait to see the spread.

Thursday, 27 August 2009


WOOO Alexandra FINALLY releases something for us to listen to. I was getting tired of Hallelujah. But anyway peep her new track with hit-maker Flo-Rida......

I give it a 6.5/10

Jay-Z - Venus vs. Mars // XXL Cover

Check out the new XXL cover. Strange question.... could anyone be bigger than hip-hop ?


Lol, Jay-Z refuses to keep his songs secretive. Ish is just getting leaked left right and centre. Well, Timbaland produced this track from the upcoming The Blueprint 3 by Jay-Z, hitting stores and online September 11.

Listen or Download the track HERE

Drake ft. Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem - Forever


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Ford....... Need I Say More

Tom Ford Fall 2009

Ahhhh how i need to go shopping.........

Late Arrival.........


Jay Is Now Ona Roll.... What Happening to his so called "covert" operation to stop all leaks. I guess this must not be a leak, tune is alright its no "brooklyn we go hard" but it can step up to the plate.

Decide yourself Listen Or Download Here

p.s - if your wondering why i aint blogged his leaked song with Drake. Is because "I simply dont like it :)"

8 Years On And We Still Miss The Late Aaliyah.....

8 Years has gone by so fast, but yet we still remember the greats..... Too many heroes are dying and none are replacing them.

We Miss You

Aaliyah Dana Haughton
(January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001)

Friday, 21 August 2009

Thoughts From My World *Epiphany*

Ok, so im up at 5am surfing through the web as i do. And i come across a friends blog who i didnt know had a blog..... and this persons statement on her blog was that it's purpose is to keep in touch with people as she pursues her dreams. And i dont know about everyone else but i get a real buzz from seeing people tryna make it out there. It helps me get my priorities straight as i have been recently contemplating whether i should buy a car soon and end up paying on average £300 a month to maintain it. Or to invest that money in myself and my dreams.......... Cos once things get really long and it seems out of your reach you lose perspective, but i guess or just realised that, that is the difference between winners and losers in this game we call life. and im out to win....

So for those who dont know what dreams i am tryna to live is becoming a International Singer/Songwriting superstar, A successful actor, A popular and well renowned male model and a fashion brand owner.

ALOT yes i know but what can i say, Dream big or Stay Awake and i definately dream big.

Till the next post,
Ill be in my world tryna conquer the universe.


Thursday, 20 August 2009


Thoughts From My World


whats up people. Im trying harder to write more personal diary events onto my blog to increase the reach of this platform as my creative outlet. As you may know, In London. Its exam results day today...............

Very very tense day.... emotional hugs..... crying.... and the odd happy guy who got all A's. I didnt get results today because i do a Btec course but next year i will be joining everyone in receiving my Alevel results. And from what i gathered today i noticed...... You gotta grind hard to achieve those high marks. As my homie worked really really hard, revised everyday but still got marks that were what we would call "not adequate to his level". So you gotta really work hard at it and you will be rewarded in the end.

Till the next post,
Ill be in my world tryna conquer the universe.



Jay-Z Ft.Kanye West & Rhianna Run This Town [Video] from Noles506 on Vimeo.


Monday, 17 August 2009

Trey Songz ft Fabolous & Teyana Taylor - I Need A Girl Remix

Dope ! Definately An iPod Song !


Bow wow had an exclusive ustream live show. To announce he is signed to Cash Money records. Lets see if hes gonna spit that fire like the rest of the C.M family.


Fashionably Late........

Blue Blood SS10 Collection

Friday, 14 August 2009

Chris Brown "Changed Man" New Music

Apparently this is has been leaked and is from Chris Brown's upcoming album "Graffitti". It has also been said that it sounds like he is expressing feelings from his relationship with Rihanna. (This is not 100% confirmed)

But check it out Listen or Download Here

Jay-Z "Run This Town" Official Video 30 Second Preview

Monday, 10 August 2009

Clipse - Im Good Featuring Pharrell Music Video

Fab People ( Teen Choice Awards 09 )

Corbin Bleu
Black Eyed Peas
Keke Palmer

Octobers Finest !

Keysha Cole Shaves It Off

A girl where i work had a haircut similar to this so i dont really mind this. I do wonder how girls pull it off after they are done with the look.

Whatchu think ?

Long Time Mister....

Hey Y'all.

Really sorry i aint updated in a while, its because when i went Cyprus i wasnt able to find time to book internet at the cafe'. And for those who didnt know I was going Cyprus "Sorry Again" lol.

But Anyyyywhhooo
Ayia Napa, Cyprus was great ! Soo much parties starting at 2am ending at 8am. Waking up at 4pm going Nissi Beach Then Back to the daily pool party at my hotel ! I was loving the experience cos it was my first holiday with just the dudes, Smooch, Mally, Retrosweet, Wavy Gordon, Spooks And Josh.
One thing about Ayia Napa that people forget to tell you is things like THERE IS TOO MUCH FUNKY HOUSE ! lol, And Also if you mess up your vehicle hire (for me it was a moped) you will have to pay money or lose your passport and stay. And trust me that is not cool lool !

Check Out The Pics

P.S - Again really sorry for not updating but im back and ill update with more pics as the days unfold !