Thursday, 29 October 2009

Stella McCartney for GAP


Love the little drummer boy jacket..... May have to cop it for my lil bro......

Rated R

Album cover for Rihanna's new album RATED R
Whatchu think ?
(Keep the freemason comments to urself lol)

Chris Brown @ POWER 105.1'S PowerHouse Concert 09'

Looks like homeboy Breezy is officialy back and stunting on them haters.......... I peeped a few videos of his perfomances from fans in the crowd, and this guy still has a way with the stage and his fans....
He has really improved on his ability to sing good whilst dancing, a attribute not many singers own...

Check couple of the vids of em out.........

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Guess Who Works In Abercrombie & Fitch...........


Im over the moon, I got the phonecall to work for Abercrombie & Fitch..... Back in employment baby ! Im back on the road to get my car,
(Acceptance Speech)
"I would like to thank my mum, my lil brother all my followers on Blogspot and my Tweet-Fam on Twitter...... This one is for you KanYe loool !"

Guess im quite good looking loool.....

A lil update....

Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz - I Can Transform Ya [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Chris Brown - I Can Transform Ya Ft. Swizz Beats, Lil Wayne Teaser

Music Monday - Keri Hilson, Usher, Shontelle

Today, Keri Hilson is dominating my music monday with her single from the film, Zweiohrk├╝ken, due out December. This International Joint is definatly a hit in my books, Loving the whole vibe and feel to the song.... Im anxious to hear it in a live concert !

I dont know what to say....... as much as a I love Usher, i feel he belongs in a different era and is trying to fit in with this era..... I may be wrong but this song Rockband doesn't sound like Usher carried the song to level of a different Usher joint..... Alot of his tracks lately have been hit or miss, still loving his single Papers though......

Simply an average track with a lot of backing voals in my opinion, now this opinion may change in due time but i don't see it happening anytime soon. When artists say they want to be more Edgier doesn't mean they have to slap on a whole load of vocals and a eccletic backing track.... its much more than that edgy is what i call GAGA ! But anyways, whats your verdict.... Peep Shontelle's new joint Licky...

Its About Time.............

KIDROBOT, the world’s premier creator of limited edition art toys and apparel, is finally venturing across the pond!
This November, they are opening the doors to their London store, and to mark this historic occasion, they are having a Grand Opening celebration with UK artist duo TADO on Thursday, November 19 from 6-8pm.
Kidrobot London
19 Earlham Street
London, UK WC2H 9LL
Make sure to pass by on your next London trip!

Source: Highsnobiety

These are the rare moments i love being a Londoner.......


Friday, 23 October 2009

This Will Be My World..... I Told You So.....

Nicolas Petrou


Saw this on Malibu Mara's blog, this is mad dope.... they should have used this for the Joker's henchman in Batman The Dark Knight....

Thoughts From My World - QUESTION TIME

OK, so today was a very historical day for people of the UK and ethnic minorities alike..... This is because Nick Griffin was interoggated on Question Time.
For those who dont know who Nick Griffin is, he is the leader of the British National Party, a Party that based its constituencies on illegal grounds, a party that believes there should be a ban on immigration into the UK, a party that arguebly believes that hopefully one day UK will be 99% white (I get my info from books and the fact Nick Griffin did not deny this today). The BNP first did not allow anyone who was not white to join the party and in a secret video tape it shows Nick Griffin sitting a facist figurehead from the Klu Klux Klan and talking about his policy and expressing his dislike of ethnic minorities.
Today Question time had a lot of complaints and even had a human wall in order to stop this man from entering the BBC Television building, people said he would get more supporters for his party and would be able to speak on a public platform and recruit people.
Im happy to say this was not the case tonight, Nick Griffin is a man who is known to speak intellectualy and can articulate himself without seeming racist or a man with prejudices. But today because he was interoggates not only by other figureheads such as Jack Straw. But by the general public who are very passionate about this subject.... Now this guy did not crumble but he tried his hardest to shrug off questions about his party and laugh off tense debates about quotations directly from him. Today it was shown that he is a simple fool, who is a facist and believes in a "its my way or the highway" policy, because after all the questions and the statements raised he did not seem willing to change his policies proposed. He was only shaking and clearly nervous to be on television and getting interoggated by people who have a strong passion about the subject.

Now for my opinion, If you have my facebook or my twitter you would notice that i was very passionate about thiss subject and i made a lot of statements that were quite controversial and some of my wordings used in my phrases were debatable. But i will not say sorry, rather I will promise to speak more diplomatically next time.......... This is a very passionate subject for me and I believe and hope for every other ethnic minority living in the UK. My ancestors did not rally and fight racism for me to still be hated and feel prejudice whilst I am alive, and Nick Griffin is trying to be the 21ST CENTURY ADOLF HITLER.... THE MAN EVEN WENT TO CELEBRATE ADOLF HITLER'S BIRTHDAY FOR CHRIST SAKE ! But back to my point, my opinion is that .... wait what was my point again.... when i get angry i find it hard to articulate myself. But anyways, I feel it was right for BBC to air this question time and put Nick Griffin on a platform where he could be interoggate and found out to be a one-minded individual with racist beliefs, The BBC is a tax payers television broadcasting channel, so they need to remain neutral in the situation and let everyone express their freedom of speeh, If we do not let him on the show it would mean that we are afraid and fear this Party can become bigger, instead we should focus our time on taking it down and educating ourselves so when we confront a BNP member we can argue our points with such tact and good grammar that they will crumble at our words and statements. Yesterday, the head of liberty shami chakrabarti came out my college and expressed her feeling and agreed with what i have said today......

As a nation we need to stand up and actually vote..... I believe in a nation of good-hearted people and i believe there can be change.... BUT A GOOD CHANGE.... I believe that everyone who has the right to vote should vote for what they want but should educated in what their supporting-party's belief system is...

Im happy to be 18 and i can vote..... So anyone who can vote and is reading this i urge you to understand and take an interest in politics, you dont have to be the biggest brain of politics to understand a good party and a bad pparty ot arguebly a better party and a worse one (because not onoe party has a policy i can truely say is 100 percent good but there are ones better than others and the BNP IS THE LAST ON THE LIST !

Thoughts from my world -

(p.s i did not read over what i wrote, i find it long and like to write in the heat of the moment where the passion exists)

video of nick griffin being videotaped

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Chris Brown - Crawl - NEW MUSIC

Ahhh, This song is such a jam, reminds me of the how epic "No Air" sounds. This is the type of songs I wanted to hear from Chris, he is definatly back on his feet...... Is it too early to predict him swooping more awards next year ?
Anyway peep the new song.......

Urban Dude..........

Amongst Friends 2010 spring lookbook



Hate It Or Love It - Space Beach

So its not new that BBC/Ice Cream have been dropping releases that haven't pleased the fans nor the fashionistas........ Maybe its P (Pharrell) is trying to venture into other ways of releasing products rather than the plain BBC logo tees or the "Wealth is not in the pocket, but of the heart and mind" logo tees/jackets/hoodies. I wasn't personally a big enthusist on the recent products released from the brand but im feeling this new stuff.... (Alot of people on Hypebeast hated it lol)


Brits Call Em 'Body Warmers' Yanks Call Em 'Vests'

Regardless of your translation, for me personally another line-up to my 09/10 winter-look is Vests..........
From Penfield To Damp;G, I have seen a lot i want but a few minority i can afford lol. But peep my dope ones finds.........

 (Had to print screen thats why it looks low-res)

Freaks's Store X Canada Goose



Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Rihanna's New Single - Russian Roulette - Exclusive

 I havent heard the song yet, cos i rushed home from college to blog it.... GOTTA BE ON POINT !
Well, anyway heres the download link for Rihanna's new single "russian roulette"

New Followers = Dope Blogs

Peep my new followers
Malibu Mara


The Disturbed Fashionista

I love when people interact on blogs, thats why i comment on as much dope blogs as i can cos i know that special feeling receiving a comment on your blog, it just shows you dont do this in vain......

FAB CHICA - KARINA PASIAN @ The 4th Annual Black Girls Rock Awards

For those who have been living under a rock, Karina Pasian is the music prodigy hailing from New York. She is a singer and pianist, after meeting the legend Quincy Jones she won the Star Search talent competition and at the age of 12 years old she soon after she performed at the most rewarding venues for any artists career such Quincy Jones's We Are The Future concert in Rome and the White House for former President of the United States George.W. Bush during a Black History Month event. She is one of the youngest female artists to ever have a bidding war from record labels (Def Jam, Interscope and Bad Boy records) she eventually got signed to Def Jam at the age of 14, then at the age of 17 she was a household name with hits such as "16 @ War", soon after this she was nominated for Best Contemporary R&B Album Grammy award for her debut album "First Love".

Peep her remix to Soulja Boy's Kiss Me Through The Phone.

The Answer To Male UGGs

Rhythm 2009 Fall/Winter Baguette Collection

So i got alot of controversial feedback on my facebook page when i stated "I would wear Male UGGs", some people agree if someone can pull it off then why not, and the ignant people made homophobic comments......
So here i present you The Baguette collection from Rhythm Footwear. The high-top model features a suede upper, sheepskin liner and a triple Velcro strap design. The vulcanized banding is texturized with leather highlights on the Velcro straps and heel. The Baguette collection this season comes in three different colors.

Monday, 19 October 2009

We Used To Be A Fairtytale..........

Mr. West


More material from Timbaland's upcoming album "Shock Value 2" has surfaced. This time we got a track that features hip-hops newest sensation Drizzy aka Drake....... Me personally, i think the track is alright might have to grow on me.....
Peep it

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Too Cool For Lame Dudes To Ridicule.....

Velour Spring/Summer 2010 Collection