Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ralph Lauren X Ronnie Fleg

These boots are sickkk, I love the burnt red that is reminiscent of bleeding wood, New York designer Ronnie Fleg gave these classic boots a nice upgrade for the upcoming harsh winter.

Thoughts From My World: New Job

If you follow me on Twitter you'd notice my apology tweets for not blogging during the week, I can't lie it's been a hectic week as I got a new JOB ! If you remember I told y'all I was working at the high end department store Selfridges but now I'm working at an exclusive footwear store called Schuh, dunno if they have it in the states but down here it's kinda like a big deal. I'm still working at my previous place in the mean time aswell cos I'm tryna get that money in so I can fund these projects I wanna launch for the future....

How's everybody been though ?

Another One

The Bugatti Boyz have dropped the video for their first single....... Money Talks lol.

In My Zone 2

Everyone knows I'm a massive fan of Chris Brown this guy is one of music's biggest stars and is still young, all his previous materials are smash hits including his past year dropping 2 mixtapes 'In My Zone 1' and 'Fan of a Fan'. Well here is his latest effort respectively titled 'In My Zone 2' the mixtape features artists such as Gucci Mane, Big Sean, J Valentine, Seven and the mind behind the hit 'Deuces'  Kevin McCall. Check it out or listen to the full mixtape below...

Download Mixtape Free | Mixtape Player

Keri Is Just Asking For It

I had to pause this video to take a breather halfway through..... Keri turned her sex on for the camera in this one. I don't know why she decided to make a video for such a raunchy song that will probably not be aired during the daytime and to be honest I DONT CARE LOL. Moving away from the pure sex factor that is in the video, the song is actually quite good, it has that full on force effect not like her other sexy joints that slowly creep up to you like 'Slow Dance'. If you thought too much sex appeal has been in this post, check out her alluring cover for Vibe Magazine below....

Monday, 22 November 2010

Chipmunk X Chris Brown - Champion

UK Rapper Chipmunk collaborates with US Superstar Chris Brown for his latest joint titled 'Champion'. The track features Chip rapping on the verses and Chris vocalling the chorus. To be honest, there's not much that is special about this track apart from the international collaboration behind it... The formula was pretty basic and it doesn't even sound like they were in the studio together for this. However this is a great look for the UK Music Scene and shows we're getting that worldwide recognition now.... Salute Chipmunk for this.

Adidas We Are London

Adidas have teamed up with London's rising musicians for their latest campaign respectively titled 'We Are London'. The campaign which will be unveiled more as time goes the by, features artists such as Devlin, Loick Essien, Bashy, Scorcher, Maxsta and SBTV presenter Georgia.

Peep the first official trailer below....

Also, check out interviews with each individual artist alongside the UK youth broadcaster SBTV under the cut....

Lil Wayne's Homecoming Party - DerickG Footage


Jay Z X Letterman

My Man....

GQ Menswear Fashion Show

So last week, me and my pal Adj went to the GQ Menswear Fashion Show situated on the lavish terrace of the One New Change mall in St. Pauls. Before I start ranting on about how beautiful the view from the terrace was, I gotta start off with the show... I truly felt like V.I.P that night, with my name on the guestlist and being greeted by beautiful women and a glass of champagne, the night was great.

Many fashion brands showcased looks from their A/W collection from TM. Lewin, Henne&Mauritz, Guess, Topman/Topshop, Kurt Geiger, Banana Republic and Next.

I always seem to have the worst luck, with my camera batteries dying as soon as we got to the show kmt, so I could only switch it on once in a while and quickly snap pictures like this.....

And even my pics are better than some of the ones I've seen on Google smh, I'll definitely blog HQ pictures once they surface from GQ as they told me on they'll be up later this week. Check out what me and Adj wore to this show...

 O yeah the view from the terrace..... one word - beautiful.

Changing Faces: Kanye West X Complex

One of the greatest albums of all time drops today (Yes I can make that assumption without listening to the album) and with that Complex Magazine just dropped the front cover visual of their Dec/Jan issue with the man himself Kanye Omari West gracing the front cover.

Apparently Kanye invited Complex editor in chief Noel Callahan-Beaver out to Hawaii to witness to creative process that led to the masterpiece of an album that is 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'. And with Complex being the cool publication that they are, they have given us all the full cover story to read online before the issue drops.... CHECK OUT THE 6 PAGE STORY HERE 

Peep some pics straight from the rap camp in Hawaii...

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Recreation ?

Check out the preview of the sneakers from the Creative Recreation Spring 2011 line and I know some of y'all will say that alot of sneakers follow a similar silhouette, but these remind me of a certain pair of sneakers released not too long ago.... hmmmmmmm.

Music Video: Lykke Li - Get Some

Lykke Li - Get Some (Director: Johan Söderberg) from Lykke Li on Vimeo.

Well some of you may remember Lykke Li from her feature in Drake's 'So Far Gone' mixtape on the track 'Little Bit', in fact that song was actually her's but Drake remixed. Anyway, check out her latest music video titled 'Get Some' which is quite a visually arresting video. I found myself vibing to the song whilst blogging on Hypebeast so thought I'd share it with y'all.... Check it out.

Jessie J Interview With MitchandSuave

If you remember I introduced Jessie J on my blog couple days ago (If you dont, just scroll down lol) and the guys down at MitchandSuave have just interviewed her. The interview is quite interesting but fun at the same time as she sheds light on different aspects of her career like why she chose two different releases for her singles in the US and the UK.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Music Video: Bigz - Starman

Everyone knows I fucks with Bigz music so I had to blog this as soon as the video surfaced on YouTube. If you don't know Bigz then just YouTube the dude and you'll catch him dropping hot fire in freestyles or his trademark slogan catchy joints like 'Flygerian' and 'Cor Blimey' a native of Nigeria just like me so you know it's all love.

I can see the concept of the video very clearly in this, with the whole green theme to symbolise he is not of this world whilst constantly dropping his lyrical flow over the beat. You can catch his affiliates in the video also with guys like SAS making cameos. I like the video in general, some bits I would've tweaked but unlike some net releases I can actually see it on being aired on television with the sweet quality.

If you liked what you heard you can download his mixtape which is titled 'Starman EP' now !

Drake 24th Birthday Private Celebration



This Is What You Call A Fashion 'show'

Ralph Lauren pushed the envelope with this one here ! I can't lie, like the young female said 'I don't even know what 4D is !' but this show looked too dope. The technological aspect that went behind this project looked very well though out as the brand was able lead with innovation but remain prestigious and elegant without looking like they're trying to be too avant-garde-ish. 

"In celebration of 10 years of digital innovation, presents the ultimate fusion of art, fashion & technology in a visual feast for the 5 senses. Watch as the London flagship at 1 New Bond Street disappears before your eyes and is then transformed into a series of objects and images rendered in 3-dimensional space." - Ralph Lauren

The London Show

The New York Show

Behind The Scenes of The Show

Introducing...... Jessie J

If it weren't for bloggers like MitchandSuave and RWD Mag's latest issue, I wouldn't be as clued up as I am on Jessie J. She is a very talented singer and songwriter from my side of the pond, hailing from Essex. She has been dubbed one of the biggest acts to watch out for in the upcoming year by many media outlets, currently signed to Island and Lava Records, she has quite a few acolades already as she co wrote Miley Cyrus's 'Party In The USA' , she's also written for Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake who titled her as 'the best singer in the world right now'. With titles like that she's bound to work on her own material and here is her first official single 'Do it Like A Dude'.

The video is edgy with rock chic all over, when I was going through the YouTube comments I realised everyone was making comparisons to her style as a mix between Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. I can see why people would make that comparison but it seems she is still an artist with her own identity, also it would be safe to say that if she's being compared to the best female artists around right now then this can't be a bad thing.

Whatchu think of Jessie J ?

Drizzy and Cole Finally On A Track

Most Drake and J.Cole fans love to argue on who's the better rapper, and I see this on my timeline via Twitter all the damn time. I'm not usually involved cos I like both rappers but it's fair to say I've been bumping Drake much longer than J.Cole. Well anyways, hot from the #FridayNightLights mixtape that is due to drop very shortly, J.Cole has dropped a track titled 'In The Morning' produced by L&X Music from the mixtape for us featuring his fellow hip hop freshman Drizzy Drake

Keep an eye out on my tweets for the mixtape blog.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Music Video: Professor Green - Jungle

Check out Professor Green's latest video 'Jungle' which features my hood Manor House and Stamford Hill in London. It's funny watching all my guys doing cameos lol.... Very G.O.O.D quality though.

UK Student University Protest 2010 - My View

Today was a historic day in Britain, as the youth of my generation decided to protest in a march against the rise in tuition fees that the Conservative government Prime Minister David Cameron has stated will occur from the academic year of 2012.

I wasn't there as I was in college so I arrived very late when the protest ended, but the footage of the protest has caught by the media and is currently being aired all over the world. This is the biggest protest since 1998 and I'm really happy we stood up and spoke out against this injustice. The points are simple....

- The government has claimed they will cut Univeristy Spending Budgets for the nation by 40 per cent.

- In order to compensate this they will triple current tuition fees by 3 times.... from the current 3000 to 9000.

- A degree currently in total costs just under 10'000 currently with all 3 years added up, therefore the new fee will have students paying 27'000 which is basically the cost of 3 degrees currently.

- The Lib Dem manifesto pledge stated they aimed to scrap tuition fees but being the bitches that they are they licked David Cameron's ass by agreeing to this increase in fees, directly betraying the voters.

Now I'm all for us sacrificing a little to get the country out of debt but the Conservative Government we currently have in power is pushing it too much onto the youth and we will not stand for it.

First they take away our Education Maintenance Allowance bonus payments and now increasing tuition fees.

  This is not on !

Monday, 8 November 2010

Cos Im Coming Home Again...... Maybe We Can Start Again

Peep the footage from Weezy's homecoming bash in the lavish King of Diamonds superclub that has stripper poles, dancefloors, dinner suites, private suites and everything else ! I would've posted pics like every other blogger but the pics that have surfaced are normal shots of the few celebs that arrived not actual shots in the party.... not to mention the bun escorts that were dressed up.

Peep the footage.... try and not feed into the Fever propaganda lol.

I'm waiting on that clear cut Derick G footage !

Music Video: Rick Ross - MC Hammer Feat. Gucci Mane

I was gasssssed while watching this today in college lol...... Looks like work from Spiff TV Films. 

Well Done

Check out Tyga's latest mixtape hot 'Well Done'. The mixtape mainly consists of freestyles over the hottest beats that are currently runnin the streets. Can't wait for his album to drop 'Careless World' coming soon !

Sunday, 7 November 2010

G.O.O.D Friday: Looking For Trouble

lol Kanye is suttin' else ! This guy is droppin G.O.O.D Friday tracks on Sundays now haha... Anyways peeep the latest weekly joint titled 'Looking For Trouble' feauring Cyhi The Prince, Big Sean, Pusha T and J.Cole.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Ryan Leslie Laptop Reward

I had the pleasure of meeting this man last year and we had a great chat about music and he gave me words of wisdom I will always remember.

Late last month Mr. Ryan Leslie sent out a broadcast urging fans to aid him in finding his stolen laptop which contained many projects he was working on and is invaluable to him. Up till this point no one has come forward for the 20 thousand dollar reward that was originally put up...... Well, moments ago R.Les increased this award from 20'000 to 1'000'000. Yes you read right, 1 million dollars.

As you can see this laptop means the world to this man who has brought us nothing but exceptional music. It's sad it has to come to this because 1'000'000 is alot of money, but if you are reading this with the stolen laptop like a mug, I urge you to contact the relevant authorities and just claim the discretional reward and buy yourself a legit laptop.

Jay Z sits down with Semtex

Check out this interview with DJ SEMTEX and Mr. Shawn Carter himself discussing different projects his currently working on and controversies including the recent MC Hammer fiasco. 

Welcome Home Weezy

I've got a hectic schedule, just coming off a photoshoot in the morning so I haven't had time to blog abit this week but............... #WELCOMEHOMEWEEZY !

I'll be hoppin' on the G4 in a short while to make the Welcome Home Party in Miami, catch y'all there haha !

Tyga Tyga

As some of you may have realised, I fucksss with Tyga ! YMCMB FOR LIFE ! Gassed moment..... *pause*............. Yeah sorry lol. Back to what I was saying, Tyga has been consistent during 2010 making it truly his best year musically ! Dropping, a mixtape with Rnb's biggest young star Chris Brown and keeping the hype alive with his next project titled 'Well Done'. 

Tyga has been building a massive buzz for this mixtape by dropping freestyles everywhere, with his Black and Yellow freestyle still circulating the web as I type (peep the video further down) he took a step back from vocalling hot instrumentals and collaborating with Chris Brown again to bring us 'Wonderwoman'. Check it out below !

Tyga - Wonderwoman Featuring Chris Brown


Tyga - Black and Yellow Freestyle

Music Video: T.I - Get Back Up Feat. Chris Brown

Why is it when I watch this video it looks like there wasn't a good budget set for it, or should we blame the director ? Anyways, peep T.I's latest music video with Chris Brown titled 'Get Back Up!'.

You Know, You Know, You Know We On Now !

I was super excited to see this video ! This is history in the making baby, Skepta and Diddy collaborating and dropping a video for a grime joint !

Peep the video if you haven't seen it below....

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Latest Purchases

Check out my latest purchases.... I finally was able to purchase a nice fitting pair of Doc Martens. Dunno, if you remember but last year round about this time I bought a pair of Cherry Doc Martens
Well, I had to return these because they were wayyy to big for me and I couldn't get another pair asap as I got em on sale half price and the rest were sold out kmt..... Now nearly a year later I've finally copped my first official pair of DM's.


Thoughts From My World: School Blues

So recently, I told y'all I was looking for a new school bag for the term, my old bag (pictured above) was getting worn out due to the leather and to be honest my arm was aching from holding a duffle bag all year lol. Well now, I finally found a bag that I was reaaaally feeeeeling, I got my friend to cop it for me cos she works in the store so I got it for a sweet price.... It's a classic backpack that slouches in a brownish colour with leather look trims. I can't lie I was content with this bag until....

I saw this Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2011 bag !

See now this is just unfair.... when I'm perfectly happy with my bag a much cooler (dont forget MUCH EXPENSIVE) bag is due to be released.