Thursday, 17 September 2009

Leave Your Deck Shoes And Grab Your Boots ................ Yes, They're BACK !

Boots are definately making a comeback this winter, as global warming continues and winter seasons get more cold and breezy. I think they are just in time, and its not only Surface 2 Air that have released boots in thir A/W line. Timberland have brought back the old school 8-inch boot, no idea on when they will be released but as soon as i have info i will keep you post. So make sure u FOLLOW. Back to the subject lol, if you aint rockin boots this winter you may aswell stay home......

Here are some boots from different brands.
Surface 2 Air
Timberland 8-Inch 
Visvim - The 7-Hole ‘73 Folk
MUG boots
Adidas ZX 700 Winter High
Bape Simple Solider Boot
Dr Martens 1460 Boot

*EDIT - I found out out the 8 inch timberlands are already available but in a NY store, if anyone knows how i can get em in LONDON. That would be much appreciated.........

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  1. I received these shoes as a birthday gift a few days ago. Upon opening the box, I immediately tried them on — and I haven’t wanted to take them off since! They’re, by far, the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. They’re extremely light, yet they seem to offer great support in all the right places.