Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Best Dressed - Cassie - MTV VMAs 2009

Cassie just keeps making that haircut look more fashionable as she rocks the red carpet with this attire. It all consisted of a Blumarine dress, Lisa Levine necklaces, Jacqueline Cohen earrings worth $3,500, and a woven-leather clutch purse, bangle bracelets and $800 heels, all by Bottega Veneta.

Would you believe me if i told you, she had no idea what she was going to wear 5 hours before the show ? Well, Yup she didnt know what to wear but thank god for her good fashion sense......
Cassie is said to look up to Gwen Stefani and Eva Mendes as style icons.


  1. Cassie is sooo HOT and I love how she pulls off that hair style..not many could!

  2. I thought her dress was terrible (too many flaps of cloth), and those shoes aren't cute either. And that hair-don't just made her look even more ridiculous.

  3. I gotta disagree Frizz, i was abit uncertain about the haircut when i first saw it but i thought lets see what she can work with.... and i like what she rocked for the VMAS yes, theres flaps but thats what makes it look good in its own way.... Gives it a lil oriental look