Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A must watch for any musician

Trey Songz: My Moment Episode 1

This is mad inspirational..... A rising star telling his story whilst making history at the same time.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Harry Potter 'Deathly Hallows' Part 1 Trailer

The last in the series of novels illustrated into motion pictures that became a worldwide phenomenonHarry Potter is now coming to an end, and they plan to leave with a BIG BANG. The last in the series is the 'Deathly Hallows' which will be split into two parts (with a release date in November 2010 and July 2011), and both will also be viewable in 3D format. I can't lie, I'm super excited and I cant wait to watch it as I've been a fan since the 'Philosphers Stone' book.

Peep the trailer below

N Dubz - Let Me Be Ft. Nivo - Music Video

If you live in the UK you'll have been watching the 'Being N Dubz' documentary that's been airing. If you're fairly new to N Dubz then I suggest you do a YouTube search as they have songs that have been played over 10million times on there, they are a double platinum selling band with over 1.5 million album sales down here in the UK. Furthermore, they just signed a deal with DefJam in the US and they are reportedly working on their new album in Los Angeles.


Peep their new music video which will be released in Greece, sounds like a summer time anthem for the Greeks with a homegrown act by the name of Nivo to keep it cool. Don't know if it'll be as successful down in the UK but we'll just have to see.

More Fun

I told y'all, I aim to give more UK artists exposure on the blog and less US orientated. If you remember a short while ago, I blogged Chipmunk the rapper from London with quite a few accolades under his belt at the age of only 19. Well, I got some good feedback from y'all overseas on any new stuff he's got coming out and I promised I would blog his upcoming mixtape in collaboration with London MC Wretch 32.
I haven't actually had time to listen to the whole tape but a few reviews have been quite mixed so I'll leave it to the readers to give a verdict on whatchu think....

Monday, 28 June 2010

Friday, 25 June 2010

Drake - Better Than Good Enough (MTV Documentary) - Full Video

Had to blog it first for y'all who haven't seen it...... Now I can sit down and watch it !

P.S - If you're wondering, Drake sold 447,000 copies of his debut album 'Thank Me Later' (source: MTV UK). Just under Gold Certification but not what I was expecting.... Ill rant about it later lol !

Plan B - Prayin - Music Video

More talent from the UK, and this musician comes to you by the name of Plan B. Now this artist has delved into many roles such as an actor for critically acclaimed movies like Adulthood and is also a rapper (the role he was first introduced to me as). Now since making that transition from rapper into a more 'mainstream' singer, I gotta say I'm feeeeling his new sh*t.

My boy is always going on about him telling me to take a peep but as I said in my previous post due to my iPod storage problems, I've been unable to get new material on my iPod to actually meditate on. Now taking away from that, this is a musician who's music you should definitely buy. His soft melody alongside upbeat backing tracks with the brilliant aesthetics in his video ensure you stay glued to the screen, sorta like Thriller, (as I use that term very loosely at this point of time in his career)

Take a peep at his new music video and tell me whatchu think ?

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Alexander McQueen Menswear Spring/Summer 2011

This is the first collection the brand has showcased under the leadership of Sarah Burton, the recently appointed Creative Director of the brand and close friend of Mr. McQueen. The new collection still holds that McQ flair with the theatrical theme revolved around the show and I like some of the things like the two-tone dye blazer, jacket and waistcoat.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Music Video - J.Cole - Who Dat

Ok, I gotta be honest.... I hear of J.Cole everywhere. He's been recommended to me on numerous occasions by my friends but I just dont have room on my iPod anymore (8gb Woes) so I need to buy a new one, cos in order to fully appreciate an artist I like to jam and take some time out listening to them and since Im always on-the-go, I cant do this at home :(

I gotta say, this video is definatly HOT.... and Im not saying that because of all the fire in the video lol (pun intended). When this guy blows globally it'll be wrap for some of the lame dudes we got out ere !

Rest In Peace - Tom Nicon

"A male model who is the face of British fashion house Burberry has killed himself by leaping 40ft from his apartment window.
Tom Nicon, 22, is suspected of jumping after becoming depressed following a split with his girlfriend.
He was found dead just hours before the start of Milan Men's Fashion Week.
Tom, who was French, was killed instantly after falling four floors from an apartment window in the centre of the Italian fashion capital.
As well as Burberry, he also worked for Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss and had just returned from a Versace rehearsal before he was found dead.
Organisers said the Fashion Week show would go ahead as planned with a tribute to Tom.
Donatella Versace said yesterday: "Tom was with us on Friday morning for a final show fitting.
"He seemed fine and calm. He had already done three or four shows with us and he was a sweet boy."
Rest In Peace to the Late Tom Nicon. 

Monday, 21 June 2010

MUSIC VIDEO - Diddy Dirty Money - Hello Goodmorning Remix Ft. Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj

Ermmmmmm............ I think the audio and visual is in sync, and it makes Nicki look abit crazy due to this fault looool.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

The BURBERRY PRORSUM SPRING/SUMMER 2011 MENSWEAR SHOW will be streamed live from Milan on Saturday 19th  June !

Drake sits down with SBTV

SBTV is steadily making moves to become the UK version of WorldStarHipHop with 64 bar acoustic and lyrical freestyle from both established and upcoming artists to exclusive interviews with musicians who fly down to London, this channel is a daily watch for me and I couldn't help but blog the new interview with Drake. In this interview Drake sits down and discusses the anticipation into the release of his album, the career decision that led him to his current status and the best artist on his 'Forever' song. Check it out and also peep the rest of the vids on the Official SBTV website

JUSTIN BIEBER Feat. USHER - Somebody To Love - Music Video

Looks like Justin is turning into Timberlake in this video, with the help of his mentor Usher. Bieber is keeping his fans entertained with his new music video from his debut album 'My World'. I'm sure his fan base will love this as it's quite energetic and theres alot of young dance crews featured in the vid.

O yeah, LMAO @ the 'Follow Me On Twitter T-Shirt'

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


This has got to be aired in the U.K, this documentary looks too deep to miss !

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Mark Ronson - Bang Bang feat. Q-Tip & MNDR - Music Video

Jimmy Choo Summer 2010 sneakers

Jimmy Choo has chosen to delve into the sneaker side of high end fashion. Affectionatly called 'Choo Kicks' by Highsnobette, the sneakers come in both hi and low tops with a variety of colourways using materials such as suede and snakeskin. Peep the rest under....


Louis Vuitton Resort 2011

Supra Fall 2010

Peep the latest additions to the Supra Skytop sneakers. They come in 3 dope colourways with a variety of materials used from the normal canvas to leather and suede. Check out the rest of em under.....

Can't believe no ones thought of this....

Check out this pretty dope but simple bag from the brand Herschel. The carryall has a compartment feature designed to store your footwear and will come in 3 colourways. Check out the rest of em at Herschel Supply.

Power Couple

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Can't Tell Him Nothing

Mr. West is making his long due return to the game with special appearances everywhere from performing with Common and Lupe Fiasco in Chicago to performing alongside Jay Z in the recent Isle of Wight festival. If that wasn't enough, Kanye will be making his first solo performance debut back to the game after his long hiatus in the upcoming BET Awards. Peep the concert footage below from his performance with Jigga.....

Also, check out the latest snippet from Kanye's album 'Good Ass Job' with Rick Ross this song is titled 'Monster'.


Peep the remix to Ciara's 'Ride' joint with Bei Major and Andre 3000. I must say, Im feeeeeling this one. Is it only me who missed Mr. 3 stacks ?

Diddy - Hello... Goodmorning UK REMIX

The official U.K remix of Hello Goodmorning has finally surfaced, featuring two top acts from the U.K Tinie Tempah and Tinchy Stryder, Diddy has given U.K hip hop a big platform to shine through. It's a good look

Saturday, 12 June 2010

3 days till the ALBUM

With only 3 days left, Weezy predicts Drizzy will sell more than his previous album 'Tha Carter III' during a phone call straight from Rikers Island to Mack Maine. Will he reach this goal ?

Only the fans can make this happen


Friday, 11 June 2010

This kid got beats when he got home LOL

I found this hilarious..... this kid must've been realllyyyy tired

Changing Faces

Jay Z on the cover of Rolling Stone
Rihanna on the cover of Elle
Prince on the cover of Ebony

Also check out Prince's new jam that was recently released entitled 'Hot Summer' which is a joint from his upcoming album. No word on the name yet though,

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Music Video: Lady GAGA - Alejandro

Check out one of my favourite artist's new music video. She has described the motion picture as an 'homoerotic military fantasy', Lady GAGA has done it again ! Surpassing her 'Telephone' video whilst paying homage to an early 1990's Madonna look the video is directed by Steven Klein, the fashion photographer who also worked with Madonna.
The video has several religious references and Ms. GAGA has commented on it saying "It's a celebration and an admiration of gay love and it confesses my envy of the courage and bravery they require to be together. In the video I'm pining for the love of my gay friends, but they just don't want me to be with them."
It has been report that the video was based on Madonna's Vogue music video and although this video bares some resemblance to it, the original inspiration from this movie was Steven Klein's previous work titled 'The Stephen Klein Academy' which was featured in W Magazine in August 2009. In the piece, Lara Stone the model is depicted as dominating shirtless men with bowl haircuts; the men later appear in suits and army uniforms. Lara Stone, like GaGa, is seen in various positions with the men, standing over them, clearly showing her dominance and control over the men. You can check out the photos from his previous piece at Homotography.

I personally love this video and YES I may be biased as I am quite an admirer of her musical persona, but this reminds me of the Michael Jackson era in which music videos were feature length pictures with real substance !

Monday, 7 June 2010

En-route to our Destination

Michael Kors Resort 2011
At his informal presentation, Mr. Kors said 'I hate the word resort, and cruise is worse. Cruise is some woman in a warm-up suit at a buffet table' He replaced these words with the word 'Destination', he also added he had a dream location in mind for nearly every one of the looks whilst many of them came from personal experience !