Friday, 30 April 2010

NEW MUSIC : Diggy Simmons X Eminem X Drake

Peep Diggy Simmon's new track which is a freestyle over Jay Z's "N*gga What ? N*gga Who?" which he eponymously titled "Diggy What ? Diggy Who ?"

This is the first track of Em's upcoming album 'Recovery'
The track shows the acclaimed MC reflecting on his rehabilitation from drug addiction and “facing his demons” - Hypebeast

So this must be song Drake recently went to go shoot with Kanye West (as he is the producer). Well, this is the second single of his highly anticipated album 'Thank Me Later' !

(He's singing in this one btw lol)

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Garçon García | Fall 2010 Campaign

Very new to the Argentinian brand 'Garçon García' but from what I can see, this line is quite casual whilst maintaining an essence of style..... Gonna definitely keep an eye on em from now !

Am I The Only One Who Got Instantly Hungry When You Saw This ?

The 'Petit Beurre Coussin' by Maxi Glob

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


The King is Officially Uncaged !


Distant Relatives is out May 18th !

A 20 min music video with STRAIGHT BARS ! Gotta give props to The Game for this one....

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Pierre Hardy Colorama Graff Sneaker

This season's limited edition piece from Pierre Hardy is the 'Colorama Graff Sneaker'. With a white leather base and a mix of eclectic colours that similar the graffiti from Rihanna's 'Rude Boy' video (Scene at The Bridge).

I would definitely consider copping these if I had the funds available lol !


Check out Shontelle's new music video......... I think the joint is iiiiiggghttt !

May need to grow on me though !


If you remember a while back, I told y'all, I'm infatuated by this woman, well since then........

Nuttin aint changed !

Friday, 23 April 2010

Chivalry Is No Longer Dead

Peep some preview pictures from the 3 other colourways of Diggy Simmons's first sneaker line 'ChivCulture' aka 'Chivalrous Culture' !

The White Colourways with the patents is sweeeeeet

Soooooo I've Been Gone Again !

As some of you may know, college started again this week ! I know that may seem as a lame excuse to not blog but I've been working non-stop all week to finally meet this deadline I had today for some coursework.... Anyone who does business will know how stressful the Finance section is !

Do you forgive me :)  ?

P.S - If you aint seen Chris Brown X Tyga's New Video Peep Above !

Friday, 16 April 2010

Money Man Diddy, Back At It !

So according to Billboard, Diddy is now officially co-managing Nicki Minaj alongside James Cruz. Her previous manager known as 'Deb' (lol) who is also Wacka Flocka's mom confirmed that Nicki, had fired her but she wishes the best in all her future projects. I'm not gonna get too much into the details (that's for you to hit Billboard and read) but I just wanted to update y'all !

Although, I'm not the biggest fan of Diddy as a manager. I do respect the man so we'll what they both got in store for us.

O Yeh................ Shout out to my homegirl @ItsNanz ! (That mean's follow her aswell) LOL !

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wale - Pretty Girls Remix Ft. Chris Brown & Fabolous

 From When I first heard this joint I've been bumping it like madddddddd !
They definitely make a G.O.O.D Team

Wiz Khalifa - Kush & OrangeJuice

Ok, now I wont lie to you. I dont know much about Wiz Khalifa but he has a mad buzz all the way from U.S to down here in London. So I'm gonna peep this tape and tell y'all what I think soon !

If you ain't got the mixtape yourself then....

P.S - Having a trendng topic on Twitter for more than 2 days is a very effective marketing strategy which was well planned out. Gotta Rate !

Monday, 12 April 2010

Official Music Video - Drake - Over

Whatchu Think ?

GQ Serves Us Dapper Men Once Again......

So whilst browsing blogs, I noticed that everyone had blogged about the two fastidious males behind Street Etiquette being featured in the GQ Guide to Dressing on a Budget article. If you remember a while back I blogged about the stylish pair but Joshua Kissi and Travis Gums are definitely becoming popular style personalities all around the world and I congratulate them on receiving accolades such as the 'Best Men's Style Blog' by the Guardian UK.  
As I noticed it, no one (well not many) really blogged about the actual article GQ published. Well, I read it and learnt quite alot from the article. In 38 brief slides, GQ were able to broaden my horizons on different aspects of utilising your wardrobe to it's full potential. A few things I learnt included:

  •  Find a good tailor, and use him/her to alter different clothes to give it a more personal feel. As the article say's it could mean the difference between a $200 looking suit to a $1000 looking one.
  • A little bit of D.I.Y can go a long way e.g. transforming corduroy trousers into a pair of summertime shorts.
  • A very cool quote I will use forever is one I learnt from the article which is 'Wearing high-end labels head to toe doesn't make you stylish; It makes you a mannequin.' - GQ

I don't want to give out too much info from the article so peep it here: GQ Guide to Dressing on a Budget
Here are some pics:

Although, I must say, I wasn't one to favor the D.I.Y side of fashion like altering clothes you already own into something else but as I told y'all before, part of my blog is all about my growth process in fashion so I guess I've hit a milestone in my style life (if that makes sense lol).

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams - Art D'assaut from BLAST on Vimeo.

Gotta love this guy, here's one of my style and musical influences discussing the inspiration behind his new chair creation with Blast Magazine.

This is just deep

I was really excited when I first heard of the iPad, then a few moments later I couldnt see a valid reason to buy one unless I had mad money.....

Does anyone have one ?

Thursday, 8 April 2010

NEW MUSIC - Chris Brown feat. Lonnie Bereal & Esther Dean - Favor

I know, I might be abit late compared to other bloggers on this, but I know some of my readers ain't heard this joint yet.
I don't know whether this is Lonnie's song or Chris's but it features Teyana Taylor on the chorus adding her flavor to the song and it works well.

Latest Purchases

Whaddup everyone ?

I know I never blogged yesterday but I was mad excited...... 
For those who don't understand the significance of acquiring this rare item, it's on every cool kid's wishlist to get one of these. Since GOODWOODnyc made them in limited quantities and sold out within the first few hours of the release date, everyone has been searching far and wide for these. They are currently on Ebay but for a mad price cos of the scarcity of the item.



Monday, 5 April 2010

Everyones Cool But Y'all Just Aint Me.......

Peep the preview of the Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2010 Sneaker line-up, a variety of materials was used from Premium leather and corduroy to  stingray-style textured leather in this collection, which consists of sneakers to boots !


Thank Me Later......

On the other side of the Blogosphere..... Drake recently wrote on his blog:

The sun just came out. I mean I haven’t seen it yet cause I am in the studio but I know it did. So good morning. I am working on the last song for Thank Me Later. What a different journey it’s been this go round. I wish I could share so much more with you but there are just too many new people involved who have dedicated their time to “the reveal”. Should I just post the entire thing up now and say no the methods and yes to the mayhem???? Ha. I’d love too, but this is something special that I feel needs to be delivered to you in the way you deserve it to be. Remember the days of well thought out visuals, album thank you’s, funk flex rants, all the things that came with the release of a new album, the things we’d look forward too…well I hope I can make you remember. I’ve worked hard on this body of work and I feel like every artist involved has given me their absolute best. I cannot wait till it’s yours. The relief I will experience on release day will be euphoric. I look in peoples eyes and see not so much the doubt, but the uncertainty, the question that looms…and whatever the answer is I think we’re both ready for it. These overwhelming moments are to be cherished. On that note fond readers, I will see u soon somewhere along the way. Mr. Walters pull the car around front…its time to go home.

“History will be kind to me…for I intend to write it”

- Winston Churchill

According to my sources, Thank Me Later will be due for release on May 26th ! If you love G.O.O.D Music then you will buy it !

Nicki & Drake Cover XXL

I'm not really the biggest fan of XXL, this is because I've never bothered to buy a copy but this just might sway me to buy this issue.

It hits all new stands from April 20th !

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Lil Update


So I made a few changes last night as to the blog, it now has it's own domain name so within the next 48 hours you should be able to access it via !

Also, you can now become a fan of the blog on FACEBOOK by clicking on the picture under :

I want to hit 100 fans by Sunday so please join and invite your friends !

That's all for now but ill be blogging in abit.... I just woke up so lemme go have my breakfast lol !

Just a little update from my world,


FYI - Dont worry about if you cant follow the blog or see my tweet feed on the left. Should be all fixed when the domain name is active

Friday, 2 April 2010


Wayne now has a website which will be his online journal reaching out to his fans during his time at Rikers Island. The first letter was basically an introduction and a few replies to his fans that have written him.
These are one of the main reasons I love Weezy, I dont care if some have done this before, its NEW TO ME and you can see how sincere his words are from the first letter.

One quote I love from the first letter was...
 'Hate is only a form love that hasn’t found a way to express itself logically.

Take this with you today and bookmark Dwayne's journal

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. Martens !

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic Dr. Martens 1460 boots !

To celebrate the occasion Dr. Martens has released a limited run of both the 1460 and 1461. With only two colourways available, it will include both a black and cherry red version with the use of a special Polished Pebble leather !
But Take Note: Each pair is limited to 1,460 and 1,461 pairs for the boot and shoe respectively and will be available as of...................... TODAY :)

Fabolous - Body Ya - Official Music Video

I told y'all to listen to this f*cking joint when I first blogged the mixtape ! And now its the first song to have a video from the CD !!!