Thursday, 12 November 2009

Thoughts From My World - Working Hard

Whaattssss Upppp  my faithful followers and to the new visitor... I Thank You for coming on my blog today.

I got some news for y'all, Soooo I told you last week that i got a job at Abercrombie & Fitch well, today I went for an important meeting at a insightful magazine publication that is due to launch in the nearest future. The meeting was very interesting and I got the chance to meet most of the staff for the magazine and Im proud to share with y'all that I successfully secured an internship at this magazine.... Now the logisitics of my role are still being determined but hopefully I will have a very active role that enables me to contribute to this publication......

Alsoooo, I dont know if i mentioned this but I am also a fashion editor for my college magazine. And today I presented the draft for an article that I cannot discuss too much about... But im super excited about the article cos it will be my first official published material..........

Just thought I would let y'all know im here CHASING THESE DREAMS !
So keep doing what you love and keep it 100 cos hard work never goes unrewarded peeps !


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