Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Rihanna Wednesday - NEW MUSIC + VIDEO

The Wait Is Ova (Wait Your Turn) Music Video

I have the strangest feeling that I'm one of the few minorities that like the new darker more edgy Rihanna, and i know theres gonna be a video on youtube in the nest week with a bored individual looking for all the symbolism in this video....I dont have a specific reason for liking this song/video because it's not like i have a criteria for whats a good song or video, its just what my heart LIKES or NOT simple ! Plus im abit tired of the same direction all music has been recently heading we need more 808's and Heartbreaks lol....... but me personally I like this video, simple but effective !

O yeh, I forgot to post her song wid Jeezy...... It showcases the more cocky and confident Rii that we dont normally see directly.........Peep it here

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