Sunday, 8 November 2009

Chris and Rii - The new leaf

In the last quarter of this week we have witnessed, the mass media attention coverage of Rihanna's first interview and account of the unfortunate incident involving Chris Brown who abused her after a pre-grammy party..... blah blah blah, lets get informal

The interview let us see a vulnerable side of Rihanna cos she's good at putting up a front showing the DIVA side of her.... A lot of my tweet-fam was going in on her during the interview lol, but me i will always be unbiased in this situation cos i love em both.... different styles but still make quality music and excel in whatever field they delve in.......For  me it will always be the music that artist make or the quality of what a person does... Everyone can learn from their mistakes but once you lose touch with your gift then your...... i dunno what to say cos i pray that never happens to me. But back to the point.... I hope now we can all move on from this cos I aint tryna still be hearing this in the new year, lets get back to the task at hand and deliver QUALITY ART
Im looking forward to both of their albums this year so ima BUY it NO DOWNLOADING.

And for the nosey lot who aint seen the video lol here it is .............


  1. I agree. Its about time we let this be and move on with our lives. I love 'em both too so I can't jst stop supporting them. As long as the good music keep coming then its all good. Everyone deserves a second chance..

  2. Hi!

    I gave you an award on my blog as i think your blog is Great

    Sabrina xx

  3. i love this interview.
    i came to tears..
    wats the embed link?