Monday, 9 August 2010

Thoughts From My World: The Woven Belt

So I've been on the hunt for a while now for a specific type of belt, now as you know, I'm not the best with names of different items but as I'm learning and I'm getting better. I don't even know, what influenced me at first to decide I need one of these belts as a must-have accessory this year but I've finally found em and they are called 'Woven Belts'.
To be honest, I think these belts are uber cool. They work well with a pair of slim fitted jeans/cordury and if worked well chinos, but you gotta remember to roll up the bottom just round the ankles to get the full look, and if you're feeling really GQ how about a pair of brogues or a pair of relaxed slip ons.

Here are a few, I could find but I'm sure a quick Google search would get you a variety..
Anderson Purple Woven Belt via Liberty
Folk Woven Belt via C-Store
Cheddar Pocket 'Larry' and 'Terry' Belts via Need Supply

If you find any cool belts on your find, then post em up as a comment so I can have a good look cos I plan on buying a few very very soon.

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