Monday, 23 August 2010

Homegrown Talent

So it's been a hot minute since I blogged some homegrown UK talent and I love to support my fellow up and comers so here are two rappers from the UK whom I personally know and support.

Formerly known as Switchey, the rebirth that is now known as Magnus is a rapper from North London, who I went school with, from young he's always been rapping and has persevered over quite a few years now to this point. Here's his video cover for the song 'Who Dat - J.Cole' , I know he's quite a big fan of Mr. Cole and from what he's been tweeting he was actually pressured to go and record this freestyle by his mother who is arguebly the biggest supporter of his career choice.

Follow him on Twitter @SwitcheyCarter

Here is a young'in from North London also who goes by the name of Reptar. A winner of the Shank The Film Competition, this is his debut mixtape to the world with freestyles over songs like 'Hello.... Goodmorning' to his own produced tracks. This guy put all the work in himself with no help from anyone else, and I like the fact he's creating this buzz all on his own.


  1. I like Reptar. Just checked out the "Hello, Goodmorning" track. Dope.

  2. Both Hard!

    i like that magnus dude. good freestyle too