Tuesday, 25 May 2010

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If you live in London and you have the priviledge to shop on Bond Street regularly then you would have noticed the big brown board that says LOUIS VUITTON. Well I'm happy to inform y'all that the new Louis Vuitton flagship concept store will be opening on May 25th. More news on the new innovative maison to be opened by the prestigious brand.

Peter Marino at The Wallace Collection with a 16th-century bronze of Samson and a Philistine, April 2010
Designed by Peter Marino a New York based architect (you may remember him as the architect of the LV Champs Elysées maison) the 'maison' is said to have eye-dazzling highlights such as a two storey wall of trunks to showcase the LV tradition of working in leather with a glass and LED staircase. He said that he wanted to change the stereotypical aspect of shopping in which, you enter a store buy a bag and leave... once inside the store customers should feel at home, which is why this is a 'Maison' rather than merely a store. 'If people are nice enough to come in, you owe them a good time. Why go shopping if it's not fun, glamorous, different?'. Which is very true, as the former L.V store in Bond street was quite boring to say the least.

There's alot of features others would dub 'crazy' in this new store such as a moving scuplture created by young British artist Michael Landy. The sculpture is called the 'Credit Card Destroying Machine' which includes a fox's head, a stuffed magpie, old scissors and rusty saws, all of which move and make noises when activated. It also uses pens and an A3 pad to create the abstract drawings which Landy is giving away.

Anti-materialist: Michael Landy and his Credit Card Destroying Machine

The 15,000 sq ft store is designed to reflect the 21st century mood of London and bring together innovation, heritage and fashion - “all values that are important to Louis Vuitton,” M. Carcelle has said.

This is the most expensive luxury goods shop ever opened in London, which is said to have cost £30 million so yeah.... It's 'Kinda Like A Big Deal' 

O yeah.....

Check out the archive video created by visual artists James Lima and Sarah Grand who were commissioned by LV  to create a short film on its merchandise archive from 1999 – 2010. With an array of colours and a rather abstract presentation of Louis Vuitton’s Ready To Wear Collection, I'm sure this will have you watching it over and over again to take it all in, To see for yourself, visit high fashion magazine LOVE for a preview of the film.

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