Monday, 17 May 2010

'Fabolous' but would last night deserve this adjective ?

What's up y'all ?

So if you didn't hear, last night Fabolous performed in London at the Indigo 02, on the last stop in his European Tour. Like many of my friends, I was very excited & anxious to see Mr. Loso perform hits from his latest mixtape live for us to bump along to. It was my first time seeing him live and I was privileged to get a balcony ticket for free from a very good friend.
(G-Frsh & Pepstar opening the concert, Photo courtesy of Genevieve El Bazar Photography)
As I arrived the night started off with G-Frsh, a resident rapper from London who kicked off the night with energy and well-known lines from his songs for the crowd to bump to. Then shortly after, I was quite confused as I'm sure there were more opening acts confirmed such as Scorcher,Young Nate & Sincere but I didn't see them perform, maybe there was conflict between the promoter or I wasn't around ¬_¬. Well, anyway Tim Westwood (who needs no introduction) kept the atmosphere alive by playing an array of club hits and old school jams for us to vibe to and mingle whilst anxiously waiting for Fab to come on stage.
  (Fab on stage, Photo courtesy of Genevieve El Bazar Photography)
When the time finally came, Loso came on stage hype kicking it off with a Loso's Way favorite 'Imma Do It'. We all went wild and everyone around me seemed to be big Loso fans as they all knew the lyrics ! As the perfomance went along he performed many bangers from "Body Ya" to his old hits like "Breathe" & "Make Me Better". Honestly, I was really liking the perfomance as there was alot of critisicm towards his concert as many said he will only stand in one place and just rhyme.
(Fab on stage, Photo courtesy of Genevieve El Bazar Photography)
This actually was NOT the case, (he wasn't no Chris Brown or Lil Wayne) but he kept the energy alive until........... only approximately 25 MINUTES into his performance. He announced it was "This is the last song". Everyone was like "WHAAAATTT". After making us wait so long he performed for no longer than 30 mins, Although, he tried to keep performing and the DJ tried to keep the backing tracks mixing into other songs the venue had to shut it down. The concert ended pretty abruptly with shout-outs to the AfterParty venue which left many people upset.
(Fab last song, Photo courtesy of Genevieve El Bazar Photography)
I decided to get a short review from a few friends of mine who were there:

Suave from rated the night - 4/10 with a few words stating - "He was only out for literally 25mins, P*ssyh*le, It's his own fault coz he was too busy shopping down in West End & Tweeting away"

Genevieve (the photographer I got the pics from) rated the night - 8/10 with a few words stating "Apart from them dead acts before (him) it was good. (Tim) Westwood kept it together" 

Whitney (My friend who got me the tickets) rated the night - 6/10 with a few words stating "It was a very long winded evening quite disorganised but when Fabo eventually came on he was really good" 

In my opinion, I rate the night a 5/10.... It seemed quite disorganised and the performance time was too short for most to enjoy, on the other hand while he was on stage he kept the energy alive and I loved how each song mixed into the other really smooth lol !

Was you there ? What did you think ? (Users can now leave anonymous comments to encourage more comments)

A special shout out to Genevieve El-Bazar, all photo's were courtesy of her photography of the night !


  1. 8/10...really good vibes, Tim Westwood absolutely killed it! I just don't understand what people were expecting? The concert was not in the main arena, so of course he wasn't going to perform the ins and outs of each album for all 3 hours. I have to admit it did end abruptly (only reason I didn't rate it a 10), but what he did get to perform was madd and the crowd was loving it! As for the comments on disorganisation, it was a "one night only" show, loosen up and stop hunting for perfection!

  2. So don't you feel that because it was 'one night only' all the more reason for a more organised or better structured concert ?

  3. That's one way to look at it, I just see it as an acceptable excuse. All the problems and disorganisation seemed out of Loso's control...he came to perform, the Entertainment group should have had everything else sorted.

  4. Yeah, the promoter was at fault which is why I commend Fab for still putting on a good show whilst he was on stage, iLike that he didnt stay in one spot and rhyme like the haters said he would !

  5. Definitely! He turned the crowd from restless to wild in a quick second! These haters and their inaccurate predictions ha! Shame on them *smh*

  6. seemed like a dope concert, I would love to seem him perform.

    he def. is history in the making.

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