Friday, 23 October 2009

Thoughts From My World - QUESTION TIME

OK, so today was a very historical day for people of the UK and ethnic minorities alike..... This is because Nick Griffin was interoggated on Question Time.
For those who dont know who Nick Griffin is, he is the leader of the British National Party, a Party that based its constituencies on illegal grounds, a party that believes there should be a ban on immigration into the UK, a party that arguebly believes that hopefully one day UK will be 99% white (I get my info from books and the fact Nick Griffin did not deny this today). The BNP first did not allow anyone who was not white to join the party and in a secret video tape it shows Nick Griffin sitting a facist figurehead from the Klu Klux Klan and talking about his policy and expressing his dislike of ethnic minorities.
Today Question time had a lot of complaints and even had a human wall in order to stop this man from entering the BBC Television building, people said he would get more supporters for his party and would be able to speak on a public platform and recruit people.
Im happy to say this was not the case tonight, Nick Griffin is a man who is known to speak intellectualy and can articulate himself without seeming racist or a man with prejudices. But today because he was interoggates not only by other figureheads such as Jack Straw. But by the general public who are very passionate about this subject.... Now this guy did not crumble but he tried his hardest to shrug off questions about his party and laugh off tense debates about quotations directly from him. Today it was shown that he is a simple fool, who is a facist and believes in a "its my way or the highway" policy, because after all the questions and the statements raised he did not seem willing to change his policies proposed. He was only shaking and clearly nervous to be on television and getting interoggated by people who have a strong passion about the subject.

Now for my opinion, If you have my facebook or my twitter you would notice that i was very passionate about thiss subject and i made a lot of statements that were quite controversial and some of my wordings used in my phrases were debatable. But i will not say sorry, rather I will promise to speak more diplomatically next time.......... This is a very passionate subject for me and I believe and hope for every other ethnic minority living in the UK. My ancestors did not rally and fight racism for me to still be hated and feel prejudice whilst I am alive, and Nick Griffin is trying to be the 21ST CENTURY ADOLF HITLER.... THE MAN EVEN WENT TO CELEBRATE ADOLF HITLER'S BIRTHDAY FOR CHRIST SAKE ! But back to my point, my opinion is that .... wait what was my point again.... when i get angry i find it hard to articulate myself. But anyways, I feel it was right for BBC to air this question time and put Nick Griffin on a platform where he could be interoggate and found out to be a one-minded individual with racist beliefs, The BBC is a tax payers television broadcasting channel, so they need to remain neutral in the situation and let everyone express their freedom of speeh, If we do not let him on the show it would mean that we are afraid and fear this Party can become bigger, instead we should focus our time on taking it down and educating ourselves so when we confront a BNP member we can argue our points with such tact and good grammar that they will crumble at our words and statements. Yesterday, the head of liberty shami chakrabarti came out my college and expressed her feeling and agreed with what i have said today......

As a nation we need to stand up and actually vote..... I believe in a nation of good-hearted people and i believe there can be change.... BUT A GOOD CHANGE.... I believe that everyone who has the right to vote should vote for what they want but should educated in what their supporting-party's belief system is...

Im happy to be 18 and i can vote..... So anyone who can vote and is reading this i urge you to understand and take an interest in politics, you dont have to be the biggest brain of politics to understand a good party and a bad pparty ot arguebly a better party and a worse one (because not onoe party has a policy i can truely say is 100 percent good but there are ones better than others and the BNP IS THE LAST ON THE LIST !

Thoughts from my world -

(p.s i did not read over what i wrote, i find it long and like to write in the heat of the moment where the passion exists)

video of nick griffin being videotaped

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