Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Answer To Male UGGs

Rhythm 2009 Fall/Winter Baguette Collection

So i got alot of controversial feedback on my facebook page when i stated "I would wear Male UGGs", some people agree if someone can pull it off then why not, and the ignant people made homophobic comments......
So here i present you The Baguette collection from Rhythm Footwear. The high-top model features a suede upper, sheepskin liner and a triple Velcro strap design. The vulcanized banding is texturized with leather highlights on the Velcro straps and heel. The Baguette collection this season comes in three different colors.


  1. they look comfortable,
    what i dont get about uggs is they seem like snow shoes but they are from australia and are worn very much there as the norm...
    isn't it hot there?

    lol but you will like my review be sure to see it tomorrow!
    thank you for stopping by and i subscribed your your blog!

  2. lool ha fo real.....

    Ill defo check you tomorrow, lets just hope the time zone difference don't get me confused lol.


  3. they look nice how do i get a pair?