Wednesday, 10 November 2010

UK Student University Protest 2010 - My View

Today was a historic day in Britain, as the youth of my generation decided to protest in a march against the rise in tuition fees that the Conservative government Prime Minister David Cameron has stated will occur from the academic year of 2012.

I wasn't there as I was in college so I arrived very late when the protest ended, but the footage of the protest has caught by the media and is currently being aired all over the world. This is the biggest protest since 1998 and I'm really happy we stood up and spoke out against this injustice. The points are simple....

- The government has claimed they will cut Univeristy Spending Budgets for the nation by 40 per cent.

- In order to compensate this they will triple current tuition fees by 3 times.... from the current 3000 to 9000.

- A degree currently in total costs just under 10'000 currently with all 3 years added up, therefore the new fee will have students paying 27'000 which is basically the cost of 3 degrees currently.

- The Lib Dem manifesto pledge stated they aimed to scrap tuition fees but being the bitches that they are they licked David Cameron's ass by agreeing to this increase in fees, directly betraying the voters.

Now I'm all for us sacrificing a little to get the country out of debt but the Conservative Government we currently have in power is pushing it too much onto the youth and we will not stand for it.

First they take away our Education Maintenance Allowance bonus payments and now increasing tuition fees.

  This is not on !


  1. woah! i hate paying for school, i think that raising school costs is not fair, why pay more and more each year even if the quality of education is not the same.
    they don't care about what they are doing.

  2. Exactly, because we're young they think we're naive to these things.... but yesterday proved different.