Friday, 12 November 2010

Music Video: Bigz - Starman

Everyone knows I fucks with Bigz music so I had to blog this as soon as the video surfaced on YouTube. If you don't know Bigz then just YouTube the dude and you'll catch him dropping hot fire in freestyles or his trademark slogan catchy joints like 'Flygerian' and 'Cor Blimey' a native of Nigeria just like me so you know it's all love.

I can see the concept of the video very clearly in this, with the whole green theme to symbolise he is not of this world whilst constantly dropping his lyrical flow over the beat. You can catch his affiliates in the video also with guys like SAS making cameos. I like the video in general, some bits I would've tweaked but unlike some net releases I can actually see it on being aired on television with the sweet quality.

If you liked what you heard you can download his mixtape which is titled 'Starman EP' now !

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