Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I Dont Care But I Do At The Same Time.......

So for those who dont know yet.... I read Teen Vogue, YES I AM A MALE, but you gotta understand theres not really like a Mens Vogue/for teens that is released as regularly as Teen Vogue, so i gotta hold my pride and read it on the way home while getting the most funny looks from people on the bus lol.

Everyone who knows me personally already knows I Think Know I Am The Shit so I dont give a rats ass (excuse my french) about what people think. Now your probably wondering why am i ranting on about Teen Vogue, well they have released an iPhone/Touch App which is available to everyone free-of-charge until January 22nd. The app allows users to scroll through editor-picked clothes and accessories illustrating the season’s top trends, and create and share lookbooks to show off their unique style. This is quite cool because its basically a mini-mag in your iPhone/Touch and disables the weird looks for the not-so-targeted audience lol.

Peep the ScreenShots below


  1. Ahhhh Seriously?!?!?!

    This Is AMAZING!!!

    I Really Wouldn't Have Known About It If It Wasn't For This Post!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  2. Downloading It Right Now...But Just Had A Thought...

    This Will Surely Distract Me From My Lectures In Uni....

    Oh Well :/

  3. complex mag has some mens fashion