Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Guess Who Got Beats.....

For those wondering if I meant beats as in slaps/hits/licks from parents lol..... NOPE. I mean I recently purchased a pair of Beats by Dre Headphones. Now if you know abit about these headphones then you will know that they come at a hefty price tag.... around £150 ($179 in the states) but for the quality and the brand it is manufactered by this is a just price for the headphones. You may recognise them from a lot of music videos by Lady GAGA, Black Eyed Peas, Esmee Denters, The Game, Timbaland, Drake.... just to name a few.

There are two types of these headphones the Solo and the Studio.... I wont bore you with details but basically the studio headphones have noise cancellation technology which requires batteries for the headphones and the solo headphones are more for individuals who love good sound quality and the headphones dont need the batteries. And o yeh there is a price difference Studios come at £279 ($300).
Peep Some of my personal pics....

I must say I love these headphones.... sound quality is great, I can hear the different levels of bass, clear harmonies and crisp instruments in the background. Its a must-buy for anyone who LOVES (not likes) MUSIC.


  1. Congrads on the new BEATS lol I never would have even paid any attention to the type of headphone until you brought it to my attention. Lol I want a pair now, i dont even DJ anyway Buddy when you get a chance stop by my place and check me out. Join in on the new FUCK YOU song. We tellin all the haters and the assholes of the world to fuck off. Come add your Fuck You's !

  2. nice, im jealous,
    those are AMAZING

  3. im getting those tomorrow lol, as a late X-Mas gift from a distant relative. but here in the U.S they are $179 . I have been wanting these for a while , they are DOPE. The first time i heard music on these i was in love. It was like i have just seen the baddest chick on earth. I Agree they are a MUST HAVE FOR ANY MUSIC LOVER..

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    Keep up the good work , and Happy New Years