Sunday, 6 December 2009

Thoughts From My World

Hey, Whats up all my followers, fellow bloggers and the random visitor reading this.....

Sorry I aint been blogging much, I've been mad busy... Its funny how when you want to be busy and work hard, you cant find the time to do the things you love most, and for me thats spending time with my people, blogging and writing music.
I've been trying so hard lately to get my fashion career in-tune and working at my job, studying in college and being a intern is all taking it's toll but at the same time I love it cos no one who is in history made it in life easy, so you gotta work hard.
For those who are baffled, i just wanna make it clear, I wanna sing and songwrite as my main career and design stylish clothes aswell, so both careers are really demanding... I still dont know how amma do it. BUT TRUST ME AMMA DO IT lool.
But yeh..... i aint got nothing much to say just wanted to update you and say im still here so keep viewing the blog daily and telling your friends about it, the view statistics increase everyday and i thank y'all for that ....



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  2. that is a fresh ass outfit i must say