Tuesday, 15 December 2009

My Man, Never Let The Dream Killers, Kill His Self-Esteem

Everyone who knows me, knows I love Kanye..... this guy is a daily play for me on my blackberry musicplayer and I've supported this negro from dayyy lol. He aint new to mishaps and is almost always seen as arrogant, but people tend to forget the musical genius that is KANYE WEST, and Im happy to see him getting recognition from the Rolling Stones, Entertainment Weekly and other media peoples lol.

Peep some of the Kanye mentions for this decade......

O yeh, and btw the looks of it KANYE is gonna be making a new album cos he said hes gonna be in studio in his latest blog.



And im not gonna get into the GRAMMYS.................. ONE WORD = INJUSTICE
(Ill do a little rant later on about that and other artists who deserved an award)


  1. I Swear I Can Picture Kanye Screaming F*CK THE WORLD Right Now!!

    I Was Soooo Excited when I Heard This. Haters Need To Hop Off His Dick!!!