Sunday, 27 December 2009

Hoo Hoo HOO

How was everyones Xmas ?

Mine was pretty good this year due to the fact it was funny and really small. When I woke up y home was full with presents in the morning, (I still dont know how my mum managed to wrap all those presents while we were asleep) and my little brother was really excited because he had been dropping the most blaitant hints for a Nintendo Wii and when he realised got one, he was over the moon and it came with not only 1 game but 6 and a whole load of accessories with it..... My gift from my mum was simple, the new Paco Rabanne 1 Million Cologne and a huge lump sum of money/cash/scrilla/dinero/gwap call it whatever you want but it put the biggest smile on my face lol, cos boxing day sales were jussstttt round the corner.

Me, my mum and my lil bro then headed off to my close friend's house were the Wii family wars began and me and my lil bro Vs. William (Close Friend) and his sister begannnn.....

and YES we did come out on top !

Peep the video of my lil bro and his sister playing Wii Sports...

Also, peep the video of me handing a can of whoop ass to Will on Wii Sports


Ohhhhhhh how i love boxing day sales.... The time of year when millions flood the streets of West End and search for the best bargains and update their wardrobe with an array of collections.
I wasnt too enthused about this year's boxing day sales because there werent too many bargains but alot of Xmas money meant i didnt really care, Me and my homie Clive shopped till we dropped in Selfridges Equivilent to the MACYs of America iThink lool (Google it lol) and then we headed off to good ol' Louis Vuitton and i must say.................. We did shop !

My Homie Clive (Under)

And Yes i know you must be tired of me saying this but............. Im sorry i aint been blogging much (again)

Xmas got the best of me but ill be back fully soon and it'll be more in-depth on my progress on Fashion and Music.

Just a quickie....... ok maybe it was a big long LOL


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