Sunday, 30 August 2009

Thoughts From My World *Return Of Mom*

Whats good with y'all.... too silent recently.... holla atcha boy !
Not much to blog about today readers.......

Friday evening, me n my bro's went to go watch final destination 3-d. And what a disappointment *SPOILER*...... How can it end soooo SHIT, lol thats all i can say dont wanna reveal too much but dont pay more than 5pound to watch it or you'll go mad like me lol.

So, check it we leave the cinema and then my homie Clive wants McDonalds..... and guess what its CLOSED. And the woman who works there told him to line-up in the Drive-thru with no car LMAO. There was like 15 cars in front of him and he had to stand and line up with them lol.

O yeh, my 2 weeks of freedom is gone. My mum has come back home lol.... I wont lie i missed her so im happy to have her home. I missed alot from the advice and aid to the sweet comfort of just having her home when i get there. Even if we argue when i get home.
Its saturday and it feels like a sunday cos all i did was work today 9 friggin hour shift lol. But my store is full with high end fashion couture so im good like pharrell.
Tomorrow sunday, work then church. I know im gonna get caught on this but i've had my cousins iPod all week and been avoiding him.... Niggas got too much dope songs lol, But hes gonna get it back tomorrow.

Not much to say, or else ill just start rambling.

Till the next post,
Ill be in my world tryna conquer the universe.


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