Monday, 10 August 2009

Long Time Mister....

Hey Y'all.

Really sorry i aint updated in a while, its because when i went Cyprus i wasnt able to find time to book internet at the cafe'. And for those who didnt know I was going Cyprus "Sorry Again" lol.

But Anyyyywhhooo
Ayia Napa, Cyprus was great ! Soo much parties starting at 2am ending at 8am. Waking up at 4pm going Nissi Beach Then Back to the daily pool party at my hotel ! I was loving the experience cos it was my first holiday with just the dudes, Smooch, Mally, Retrosweet, Wavy Gordon, Spooks And Josh.
One thing about Ayia Napa that people forget to tell you is things like THERE IS TOO MUCH FUNKY HOUSE ! lol, And Also if you mess up your vehicle hire (for me it was a moped) you will have to pay money or lose your passport and stay. And trust me that is not cool lool !

Check Out The Pics

P.S - Again really sorry for not updating but im back and ill update with more pics as the days unfold !

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