Friday, 1 October 2010

A Universal Language

So I started my day by hitting up Twitter as usual checking what's poppin, and to my suprise two bands were trending on the #TT's. Now you're probably wondering why I was suprised, well the two bands were from South Korea who just dropped some hot material on the web. Being the intrigued person I am, I went and done some research (YouTube and Wikipedia of course) and then before I noticed, I was listening to music that wasnt in English and really enjoying it. So today, Im going to introduce to those who haven't heard of em 'B2ST' and 'SHINee'.

B2ST (pronounced BEAST) is a boy band from South Korea that consists of 6 members. They are 'Kinda A Big Deal' down in Korea with 3 only EP's. They are known for their hot dance moves and explosive vocal ranges, and this was an accurate description as I decided to hear their latest single from their latest 5 track E.P 'Mastermind'. The single from this E.P is titled 'Breath' also known as 'SOOM', I can't tell you precisely much about what the song is about but judging by the video, the concept is 'I can't breath without you here' sorta like 'No Air' but much edgy. I love the video cos it seems alot more epic than stuff we've been used to recently especially down here in the U.K.

Take a peep at the full video here....

You can buy the mini-album NOW

Next up, it's SHINee (pronounced Shinyy) also a boy band from South Korea. Formed in 2008 with an impressive sized fan base, people often find themselves in #TeamSHINee or #TeamB2ST like the Twilight Movie stans. With 3 E.Ps and 2 albums, these guys have been putting in the work so they deserve it, they have their own fashion trend that was dubbed the 'SHINee trend' and product endorsements with brands such as Smart and Reebok. Their latest E.P 'Hello' will be the repackaged version of their E.P 'Lucifer', with the first single being the E.P title 'Hello' the track is refreshingly cool, and this time I was able to find out what the track actually means.... Here's an extract from the chorus - 
[All] Hello, hello
[Key] I brought up the courage
[All] Hello, hello
[Onew] I want to talk to you for a moment
[All] Hello, hello
[Jonghyun] I may be rushing a bit
[All] Who knows? We might
[Taemin] End up doing well
Peep the single audio here...

Peep the live performance of the song that was performed just hours ago....

The E.P will be released on 4.10.10

Guess it's true, music is a universal language

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