Monday, 11 October 2010

Thoughts From My World: Let It Rip

Gaaad.... It's times like these that I really miss certain parts of my childhood. My little brother just got a Beyblade as a suprise present from my mom, as the tv show is making a comeback down here in the U.K. As soon as I saw his, it was like instant nostalgia......

Although, it seems the new Beyblade structure is less strong than the original and you can't customise some of em.... To me that was the best bit of having a Beyblade, customising it and putting Dranzer with Draciel etc etc.

Tyson, Kai, Max, Kenny and Ray........ the original Bladebreakers team...... They were just legends haha

I'm gonna purchase the original set to play along with my little bro and just to keep in my memories box.... I'm also gonna get the DVD box set of the series and the season one soundtrack. They had some banging tunes like...

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