Thursday, 16 April 2009


OK, This may look like im quite late with this post, well im not and if i am. WHAT IS IT TO YOU ! Lol, na im joking....
This is the Louis Vuitton Trainers Designed By KanYe West, Now i love these trainers here. Not because it's designed and produced by one of the biggest names in music currently, and one of the most prestigious fashion brands of all time. Butttt because it slyly takes the concept of a boat shoes but with a twist, the low sneakers are suede with the Louis V emblem on the outersole and the laces have tassles on the end (Who Woulda Thought TASSLES !).
Also the high top versions have straps at the top and on top of the laces for them rainy days lol.

Alot of people may not agree with me because of the price as in why i would buy this shoe, but what can i say, im a LV fanatic ! If you seriously want to know the price of these shoes scroll down to the end of the pics and i will tell............

O Yeh and by the way Kanye said straight from his blog, the trainers wont have the tip near the heel !

These Will Cost you Approximately £1000. Recession aint got nuttin on Yeezy !

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