Wednesday, 15 April 2009

2009 Trend ! Its a must to get these .....

Boat shoes are the sh*t right now ! not alot of people have them so if your're late you can still go get some. What can i say............... summer is going to be boat shoe crazy as nearly every high end shoe brand has made their own version ! From lacoste to evisu, or converse to vans, you PICK !
Here are some pictures to get you in the mood of shopping for the latest trend !

The colette x Sebago Dockside boat shoes now these would be your ordinary shoe if it werent for the orange tip and the blue sole base! Beautiful , Available at Colette

Now we have boat shoes with a distinct suede colourway and the classic white sole base from the japanese brand Hare

Converse has also made a set and the colourways are just bright and lively so if you want to be noticed when you go out get these, apart from the Vans edition i prefer these the best! They are now available at Flauge

Even Admiral has made a set of these most wanted shoes, their colourways are quite unique because they are boat shoes the striped sailor look really suits the shoe well, to me all this screams is LEVI'S LEVI'S LEVI'S LOL ! They are now available at Flauge


  1. aint feeling em fam
    think theese are dead u kna

  2. not for me brudda, a nice plaid pair of shorts, levi short cut polo and a nice haircut suits these well