Friday, 25 June 2010

Plan B - Prayin - Music Video

More talent from the UK, and this musician comes to you by the name of Plan B. Now this artist has delved into many roles such as an actor for critically acclaimed movies like Adulthood and is also a rapper (the role he was first introduced to me as). Now since making that transition from rapper into a more 'mainstream' singer, I gotta say I'm feeeeling his new sh*t.

My boy is always going on about him telling me to take a peep but as I said in my previous post due to my iPod storage problems, I've been unable to get new material on my iPod to actually meditate on. Now taking away from that, this is a musician who's music you should definitely buy. His soft melody alongside upbeat backing tracks with the brilliant aesthetics in his video ensure you stay glued to the screen, sorta like Thriller, (as I use that term very loosely at this point of time in his career)

Take a peep at his new music video and tell me whatchu think ?

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