Monday, 12 April 2010

GQ Serves Us Dapper Men Once Again......

So whilst browsing blogs, I noticed that everyone had blogged about the two fastidious males behind Street Etiquette being featured in the GQ Guide to Dressing on a Budget article. If you remember a while back I blogged about the stylish pair but Joshua Kissi and Travis Gums are definitely becoming popular style personalities all around the world and I congratulate them on receiving accolades such as the 'Best Men's Style Blog' by the Guardian UK.  
As I noticed it, no one (well not many) really blogged about the actual article GQ published. Well, I read it and learnt quite alot from the article. In 38 brief slides, GQ were able to broaden my horizons on different aspects of utilising your wardrobe to it's full potential. A few things I learnt included:

  •  Find a good tailor, and use him/her to alter different clothes to give it a more personal feel. As the article say's it could mean the difference between a $200 looking suit to a $1000 looking one.
  • A little bit of D.I.Y can go a long way e.g. transforming corduroy trousers into a pair of summertime shorts.
  • A very cool quote I will use forever is one I learnt from the article which is 'Wearing high-end labels head to toe doesn't make you stylish; It makes you a mannequin.' - GQ

I don't want to give out too much info from the article so peep it here: GQ Guide to Dressing on a Budget
Here are some pics:

Although, I must say, I wasn't one to favor the D.I.Y side of fashion like altering clothes you already own into something else but as I told y'all before, part of my blog is all about my growth process in fashion so I guess I've hit a milestone in my style life (if that makes sense lol).

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