Monday, 15 March 2010

Fabolous - MR. R.I.P Trailer

Fabolous has been my new favorite artist from 2009..... Ok, well he's not new but I wasnt feeling his joints till last year.

Heres a trailer from his latest mixtape 'There Is No Competition - The Funeral'.
I must say..... This shit go haaarrrrrrrrrrrrddd !

The mixtape is just FIRE ! I was feeling joints like 'Body Ya' where Loso just kills em off fully !

This should be called 'Dark Swag' cos he's just killing em off whilst wearing all black everthing !

1 comment:

  1. dis mixtape is toooooo SERIOUS!!! i hav rinsed it out 2 da core! lol

    luv da 'I'm Raw' tune, 'my shit banannas, lyk a monkey number 2!' oh gosh, u gona make me go play it now lol

    check out my blogs wen u get a chance (hav 3 lol), jus click on my name:)