Saturday, 9 May 2009

Through The Looking Glass !

OK, So i just had a very intense argument with my mum about priorities. It all started about how I dont help out alot in the house, you know cleaning alla dat stuff. And then she said "become useful to us". Then straight away in my mind i thought is she trying to say i should be only useful to them like a servant. So i replied "i need to be useful to myself aswell" meaning im focusing on alot of things i cant have more burdens. Then she gave a me a little lecture that made my eyes open.

I wont lie looking back it was kind of selfish what i said, i do need to do my part around the house, and help out my little brother with hes studies and alla that. We all need to sort out our priorites and make it big in life at the same time. Guess i was abit focused on myself too much which is the definition of selfishness. Well........ Ive now done some evaluation and in conclusion.

Sometimes we may think we are really soooooo right and our desicion makes sense. But if you look through someone else perspective then it may make sense why a big deal looks like nothing.

Food For Thought

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